Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I don’t even know how to react to my weigh in this morning or any morning for that matter. I know I’m pregnant. I know pregnancy will equal some weight gain. I know my gain so far is normal (about 6 pounds and I’m in the 2nd trimester) so I just don’t even know what to say for my weigh-ins when I log into to blog about them. It’s so odd for me after all this time of wanting (begging, pleading, crying) for the number to go down to actually be okay with them either staying the same or going up. It’s like I’ve thrust myself into an alternate universe and just as I felt when I began this weight loss journey, sometimes I’m just not so sure how to feel. As long as I’m eating well and taking care of Baby AA I’m mentally okay but I will admit it just throws me for a loop when I go in and step on the scale and actually see the numbers. I was going forward at such a strong pace and had my mind so weight-loss focused that it’s difficult to shift gears sometimes.

I was 108.2 kilos (238 lbs) this morning which is up not quite a full kilo from last weeks weigh-in or 1.76 pounds up from last weigh-in. That still only makes my overall weigh gain for this pregnancy 2.9 kilos or 6.38 lbs. Not too shabby. My belly feels heavy. It hasn’t changed shape so much but it just feel heavy or more solid or something. It’s hard to explain especially if you never felt my belly pre-pregnancy which none of you really had the joys or terror of doing.

So this week I’m going to really focus on eating nutrient packed foods. I’m going to try to cut out the sweets. Although I don’t eat them all that often I do tend to give into them a little easier and could put up a better fight. I just want to stay focused on growing this baby as strong and as healthy as I possibly can. It’s all I can do for it right now.


Girl on a Mission... said...

Hi there.
Cheers to you on the very small weight gain! I would like to think of the small weight gains as a huge success myself, because, they tend to say a pound a week (if you're going to gain it). Smaller gains means it will be easier to take it off! Thing is- my sister is a OBGYN and she tends to think that women with higher BMI's tend to have smaller babies. So when you're not gaining huge amounts of weight- its not such a bad thing eh? I would tend to think that way. The fat from your body is relocating to the baby bump? LOL.
I'm not a pro by any means, nor have I had kids to share stories. But, you're doing great so far!

*ccc* said...

Aww, I know it's probably not the reaction you were hoping for but your post made me smile...

Smile because you already sound like such a good mom, worrying about the little one, making sure you're doing the best you can for him or her...just fabulous!

I can't wait to watch you move along this journey...

(And yes, I know I've fallen off the earth for a while. December was a nightmare for me at work. I'm so happy to have a little bit of my life back! And that means more blog time, woo hoo!)