Thursday, February 18, 2010

picked up the phone today

and I rang my doctors to ask him to give me a referral to see a dietician/nutritionist here, as it will be covered under my insurance. Naturally it took me a lot of guts to make this call and naturally I didn't get right through. And I held. Still holding. Holding. Holding... still holding.

Finally I hung up, no appointment, thinking maybe I shouldn't do this.

I called back. Hold. Please hold. Thank you for holding. Hi, can you hold. Hold please. Hold. Can't answer your call but you can hold. Hold please. We'll be right with you. Please hold. Hold. Holding.

Hung up again. Went pee, talked to a colleague, thought maybe it wasn't "meant to be" which is why they didn't answer the phone, like it was some sign from God (yeah, like God doesn't have anything else to do but block a phone call for me) that I shouldn't make this call.

I've given up for today and will mull the thought around in my head, all night more than likely, if I should be making an appointment or not. I do have reservations about seeing anybody, not because I know it all, because obviously I don't, but I have just had such bad experiences in the past when consulting my doctors regarding my weight that I don't want to be disappointed by another professoinal again.

My final thoughts on the subject are, I may not help but it sure as heck can't hurt can it?

If any of you have any experiences, good or bad, with seeing a nutritionist or a dietician or weight loss specialist or anything, please feel free to leave a comment.

***edit after The Lass's Comment***
What I think I "may" get out of the appointment is somebody to be accountable to. It helped me before when I was going to the gym to know my trainer was going to weigh me in every 6 weeks or so. So beyond the valuable (hopefully) nutritional information, advice etc. I hope to have somebody to make me accountable. It may seem like a bit of a mind game, but isn't it all?


The Lass said...

Geez, have I ever seen 'professionals' on this matter. I am afraid they never really helped me. Did not tell me anything that in theory I did not already know and otherwise...I just realized that in the end - SURPRISE - it's still all up to me *sigh* Maybe I was expecting too much, but I was generally disappointed in their (sometimes smug) attitudes.

becklette said...

i saw a GREAT rd! i LOVE her and was just thinking yesterday that i should see her again (there was insurance switches and i had to postpone my third appointment and... well, you know). i expect this is unusual, but she spend about two and a half hours with me the first time and over an hour the second.i went armed with a week-long food & exercise log AND a list of all my "usual" foods. it took her about five seconds to be like, "are you constipated?" (yes.) "you should be eating some fat!" lo and behold, things improved within a couple days.

so, if your insurance covers it-- especially if it covers more than 6 visits a year like mine does-- DO IT. and keep up with it if it helps you stay accountable.

Erin said...

I wish that I could give you some experience with this, but I don't have any. But if you feel like this would be a change for the good and help keep you accountable, go for it:)