Saturday, February 27, 2010

A new "me" for my new start

Since I'm making some changes in my (life like seeing the weight loss lady, journaling my food, and starting do to new things in order to get this weight off) I decided I need a new "do" and color to get me up and running.

I can honestly say, after the great-hair-disaster-of-2009, where I actually cried over how badly my hair was butchered (and I NEVER cry over hair, 'it's just hair', right... oh this cut made that saying totally meaningless), I was a wee bit nervous. The woman who cut it is the one who fixed it after the last fiasco so I was confidant that she would do a good job but still, you just don't recover from hair-that-makes-you-cry that easily.

I can proudly say that I left the salon in high spirits, with less grey and feeling pretty darned sassy. You can see the new "do" in my profile pic to the left there.

And as an added bonus, when my Mom saw the picture she said "you look so skinny!" Gotta LOVE your Mom for saying something like that, don't ya?

I'm flying high right now and I'm going to take that spirit and run with it, or at least walk briskly!

Hope you are all having healthy, successful weekends!


Missa said...

Nothing like doing something for yourself to make you feel good. Just found your blog, and will be following along!


Anonymous said...

I think it looks great and agree with your mom, you look super skiinny in that photo!

What a great way to start off a new month!

becklette said...

LOVE IT. and you do look skinny. and YES a good cut can do that.

i'm hyped to hear ALL ABOUT your meeting with the weight loss lady today! i hope you love the shit out of her!