Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday MJR!!! (May 26th 2007)

(warning: this post will contain large amounts of diet ruining cheesiness)

I'd like to take the time to give a big shout out to my main man Marco on his 37th birthday! I'd also like to share a poem that I've written on behalf of this very special day.

M is for manly, all studly and strong
A is for Aardig which translates in English to nice, which Marco is...nice

Wait... that line sucked. Ok, here we go.

M is for my man all sexy and sweet
A is for...
A is for ...

Shit... let's skip A for now, we'll come back to it.

R is for really, really, really, really, really great
C is for cuteness in my special mate
O is for orgas...

Wait, that's inappropriate for this was the whole mate thing... anyway

O is for old man, my ball and my chain...

Wait... I'm one letter short! I have to have a letter to rhyme with chain. Crap! Oh wait... I've got it.

For real. Lets do this. Altogether now.

M is for Marco, my reason to smile.
A is for affection, it's always your style.
R is for random acts of kindness that you do.
C is for caring and always loving little you.
O is for outstanding the best husband of all.
Marco you'll always be the bell of my ball.

Sorry for the super McCheesy supreme poem honey but you know it wouldn't be a proper birthday without a "Sarah's Original".

I love you guts honey! Happy Birthday.


Livy said...

Hi Sarah,
Nice bit of poetry there! Now, I have to explain about my situation. I don't have a trainer, or instructor, or a spin class to go to. I live in the middle of knowwhere on a cattle station!! I am 50kms from my nearest town, which is a tiny one horse show that is flat out having a supermarket, let a lone a gym. So, as you can by now see, I dont' have the same opportunities as city people... as I have no support, no walking buddies, not concrete track to go walkies on (can't walk the dogs because of dingo baits), no gym, and absolutely no instructor.
I remember on Biggest Loser here in Australia, the trainers saying "I know it hurts you, just work through the pain". Maybe that is the second pain you were talking about. I am doing what you said now. I actually wait a little minute and stretch my ankles out, and wait for the pain to ease, then I go back to it again. Thanks for the input.

red scorpion said...

Hello Sarah, I found your blog through the nest. I am adding it to my favorites because you sound a lot like myself. I had a few questions about you weight loss I was hoping you could answer would you be able to email so I dont have to post them on your comments if you have time?

Anonymous said...

my e mail is sarahaarssen at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Sarah...loved your poem to Marco...what a talented wife he has...she must have had a good teacher? love you Mom