Sunday, January 06, 2008

I realize I haven't been keeping up with my weigh-ins as I originally planned to do when finding out I am pregnant. I'm going to try to get better at that starting this Tuesday with my usual Tuesday morning weigh-in. To be honest though, how much I weigh has been the absolute last thing on my mind through this first trimester. Now that the evil-cervix-angering-bloody-polyp is gone I can hopefully relax a little bit more and focus on things other than how scared I am to lose the baby.

I did a sneak peak this morning and saw that I am a bit up from my last weigh-in, coming in at a 107.4 kilos (236.28 lbs) (my last weigh-in I believe I was 106.4) so another 2 pounds gained from my starting pregnancy weight of 105.3. So I've had a 2.1 kilos gain since November 15th which is 4.62 pounds. That's not bad considering it was also the holidays in between there and my energy level is a big fat zero.

I do want to keep my weight gain to a healthy minimum though. For people who start pregnancy obese (and yes although I was so so close to being just plain old overweight I never did make it to the upper crust of unthinness, to the elite and coveted "overweight" group) it is recommended that I gain no more than 15 pounds during the pregnancy. I think that's fair enough I guess. Again, I don't want to obsess over the numbers.

I am quickly moving into my second trimester though and that means I'll have more energy (hopefully). Most of my pregnancy symptoms have already vanished with the exception of maybe needing a nap every now and again in the afternoons so I am thinking the second trimester and I are going to get along just grand. Overall, more energy means more calories burned during the day. Yay for that.

I'm going to post the sonogram pics of Baby AA just as soon as I can get them scanned it! I'll see you all on Tuesday's weigh-in and I hope you have a healthy remainder of the week.


Teale said...

Can't wait to see the little one!

GeorgieGirl said...

How exciting to hear the details of your pregnancy. It must be a huge relief to know the polyp is gone and all is well with baby. Hopefully you can relax and enjoy the pregnancy.