Saturday, January 19, 2008

So I'm having aversions...finally.

I'm finally having some aversions but it wasn't the kind I was expecting. I was thinking that since getting pregnant maybe I wouldn't be able to stand the smell of coffee or would be able to eat pasta or some other crazy food aversions that you read about women having all the time. I haven't experienced much of what you read about during my pregnancy so far but I am experiencing my first aversion... to the computer.

Yes I'm having computer aversions due to headaches and eye strain. I work at a computer all day long and I've barely been able to keep at it for eight full hours each day this week. It started a few weeks back that my eyes were bothering me, burning and itching. I thought it was my change in contact solution so I switched brands back but it didn't help. About three hours into my day my eyes would start burning and/or itching. I've also had tons of eye goo (I'm fairly certain that's not the medical terminology) at night and if I weren't waking up four times to go to the bathroom I'm sure my eyes would be sealed shut by time the alarm would go off. I know I don't have an eye infection so I did some reading online. Apparently eye goo can be a part of pregnancy and it's not all that uncommon. Woohoo.

So now this week besides the burning and itching a third dimension was added to my eye irritation. My head started hurting due to the extra strain on my eyes. Wednesday I came home with a major headache which eventually led to a migraine. Usually I'd pump myself full of drugs, put a cool eye mask on my eyes and sleep it away but being pg means the drugs I depend on have to sit the bench. That sucked. When I laid down it felt like my brain was falling out of the back of my head. I went to bed at 7:30 to try and get rid of it and didn't wake up until the next morning, sans migraine.

Thursday and Friday the headache threatened to come back throughout the day but I would force myself to take breaks from the computer screen and do some filing or just chatting with my colleagues for a while. Naturally the last thing I wanted to do when I came home was to sit at this computer and write in my blog which really sucks as it's a way to relax for me in the evenings.

So I am finally having some pregnancy work and the computer. Great! It's not like I can just pass those up in the grocery store aisle like you can chicken or ice cream. I'm hoping this week was just a fluke and won't set the pace for how this second trimester is going to go for me. We shall see.


Monica said...

You might want to have your prescription checked for your contacts. Your eyesight can change during pg! Hope they start feeling better soon.

Lissa said...

I had to get different contacts both times being preg. this time im wearing torque lenses for increasing astigmatism. So, I would definately get checked. I'm having contractions for about 1 week, so I hope that I go soon, if not only 3 more weeks to go!!! Love ya, and I loved the sweet little pictures!

Cath said...

I too hope that this doesn't last, I missed your updates this week! But I'm glad to hear that otherwise everything is going well.

Teri said...

Sarah - I hope that this is just a phase & that you start to feel better soon! We miss you on MSN :)