Saturday, January 05, 2008

Polyp free!

I lost a little weight yesterday even if it is just metaphorically speaking. As you may or may not remember, I had a bleeding scare in my 8-9th week of my pregnancy and it was discovered that I had a polyp on my uterus. Well the polyp was removed yesterday and let me tell you, the weight and worry that was lifted off of my shoulders was tremendous.

I have always said that infertility had stolen so much from us already, taken what was supposed to be a special time in our lives as soon-to-be-parents and turned it into a science experiment on an emotional roller coaster. I wanted to refuse to let IF steal any further joy from us by being as panic-free about this pregnancy as I could. This bloody polyp made that vow very difficult to keep. But now the little bugger is gone. I'm no longer bleeding and for once I can breathe a sign of relief and just revel in the fact that I'm really going to be a mommy.

(THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IS NOT FOR THE WEAK STOMACHED)The removal wasn't quite what I expected. I had done my research on polyps and everything I read said it would be a simple outpatient hysterscopy procedure with just a 2 to 3 day recover period. Well mine was more like a 2 minute procedure that included the doctor not numbing me and just twisting and twisting until the polyp popped off. It wasn't painful in the least but did leave me a little queasy. Not only that, they had a camera down 'in the mix' so I could watch them do the procedure. Have you ever seen the inside of your vagina (if you have one)? Yeah, neither had I. It was a little disturbing but kind of cool. They said that it doesn't look like it should be anything to worry about (meaning non-cancerous) but I'll get the lab results in 2 weeks.

After that they decided they would do a sonogram to put my mind at ease as I had been bleeding badly (from the polyp) over the past 4 days and was worried. I was worried when I was watching the techs face when she first started looking for the baby but then Marco gasped and when I looked at his face I knew it was good news. The baby had changed SO MUCH since my 9 week (I was 11w4d that day). It actually looked like a baby! It was moving around so much. It did sideways somersaults and was kicking and moving it's arms and legs like crazy!

We got a great profile shot of ANTM that shows a perfect little face and 4 little fingers and a thumb on the right hand. When she said "okay we'll take the second shot" it was like the baby heard and totally turned it's back on us, butt to the camera. LOL It finally turned around again and we have two really great shots looking down as if you were standing over the baby in the crib. I was so amazing and of course I just bawled. I was so relieved to see it was still thriving.

After seeing the baby this time we both kind of got the feeling that it may be a boy. Of course this is only a feeling but both Marco and I said it. I've always thought I would have a girl but there was just something that made me think boy when watching that screen. It's the first time that I've had any sort of "feeling"about the gender either way so I'm really curious to see.


Leslie said...

Congratulations.... you must feel so relieved to get rid of that darn polyp!!

Cant wait for my first ultrasound...those are the best parts of pregnancy - along with feeling the baby move inside you.. I wish you a problem-free pregnancy from now on!

Anonymous said...

I want to see those sonogram pics!!!! Put them up ....PLEASE!!!

Love ya! Lissa

Lauren said...

Congratulations, and your baby already sounds super cute with such a personality.

Riley & Tiki said...

Yay! Glad that polyp is gone!! Also glad I was asleep when they got rid of mine. I know it'll be a long time before you have one again, but my periods are MUCH lighter with the polyp gone. Hopefully yours will be too. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is much better!