Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday Weigh-in a day late...

I did weigh in on Tuesday morning and fully intended on posting it but once again, it slipped my mind. It wasn't an especially good or bad weigh-in. I came in at 107.7 kilos (236.94 lbs) which is up from last week but the same (are about the same) as two or three weeks ago.

I've been doing something odd for me though that I've not really done through my weight loss. I've been weighing myself almost every day. This is more for curiosity (and peace of mind) than for anything. I'm not feeling "obsessed" or compulsive about it so I'm not concerned. It was always a rule of mine not to weigh more than once a week and to not obsess. If I feel the daily dose of numbers is getting to me, effecting my days or moods, I'll put and end to it.

I noticed that I go anywhere from 106.1 to 108 throughout the week. Generally I hover in the low 107 region though. If I'm retaining any water that morning of course it's higher. Then when I have a night of pee-mania the next day I'm back down. Makes sense.

For the most part I'm okay with these numbers. I am in my second trimester officially. I would love to remain in this general weight area for the rest of the second trimester and that's going to be one of my "goals". My body doesn't seem to be doing much changing outwardly at this point but it is still extremely early for a plus sized woman.

And that's that for this weigh in. I hope you all are having successful healthy weeks!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're doing well.
I've tried to weigh daily, drives me insane. LOL. But if it works for you - great!
Looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy.

GeorgieGirl said...

Nice to hear you are doing well!

Lissa said...

Hey Sarah,
I think its good that you are paying attention to your weight, its important to you. I completely understand, I step on the scale every morning. LOL. I went to my 36 1/2 week appt. today and Im not dilated or anything, so he said that I will have a c-section on Feb. 12 or 13th. Only about 2 more weeks! woo hoo! I also lost a pound these last two weeks, which puts me at gain of 21 pounds with two more doctor appts to go before delivery, and I go every week now. So hopefully I wont gain more than 4 pounds in two weeks, and I will have accomplished not gaining more than 25 pounds. Im pumped about that! So, just know it can be done!!! Im at 231 right now, and want to be at 180 when all is said and done, so hopefully the baby 20 or so will come right off, then only about 30 more to go!!! Talk to you soon, Love ya! Lissa