Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of my male readers! (I think I have some male readers?!?!?)

I had plans to go out yesterday after Marco went to work and get him a new drill (he's constantly looking for drills but never buys one) and a sweet card because he was so thoughtful on Mom's day this year and got me a card from Sadie and a beautiful flower/plant. I couldn't get it ahead of time because of "budget restrictions" (read: we're poor LOL)

Well I ended up getting very bad pains in my stomach down my right side yesterday and had to call the midwife to come to the house. Then she didn't understand what was wrong with me so she sent me to the emergency doctors office. When all was said and done it was too late t go shopping and all the stores were closed (in Holland it's 6 on Saturdays and that's if you're lucky) plus I REALLY wasn't up for shopping. I could barely walk. I feel like such a schmuck because he really was so surprisingly thoughtful for me. I wanted to be sure his first father's day was special. Blah.

I did make him a card 'from' Sadie but I didn't get to get the gift. I did write in the card that he will be getting a new drill but of course I would have loved to have had it today.

p.s. I'm fine. The doctor said I either have kidney stones or severe gas problem which were causing the bend-over-holding-your-side-and-moaning pains. Ended up being gas I'm pretty sure. I had NO idea gas could hurt so badly or in this way. I'm a pretty tough cookie when it comes to pain and this was just shocking. They've since subsided and Sadie is a-okay. Glad to keep you up on my intestinal happenings!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I hope it was gas and not kidney stones. I'm pretty sure kidney stones would be worse.
Glad you're feeling better now :)

becklette said...

oh no! glad everything is okay. that must have been exciting-- in a not as good way.