Monday, June 09, 2008

More pictures to share!!!

We hung the art above the changing table (out of little arms reach). They were painted by my same friend, Alexandra, who did the mural. My favorite is the piggy on the swing with the pacifier in it's mouth! So cute!

You'll have to pardon my short posts or lack of posts in the next week. Work is crazy busy as I'm trying to tie up all lose ends before my maternity leave begins (June 19th!), train a new girl and keep sane!

Hope you are all having wonderful healthy successful weeks!


Ellen said...

I've just got to say... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been MIA in the weight loss blog work for about 9 months and it is amazing what can happen in that amount of time :) I just popped over to your site because I re-read an old post of mine where I had linked to your post titled: "Been feeling like a bit of a hypocrite (infertility related)" which you posted on June 15, 2007. Imagine my huge surprise to see a pregnancy ticker at the top of your page!! I am so thrilled for you - congratulations on the growth of your family :) ~Ellen

Ellen said...

I saw your amazing weight loss before getting pregnant -- you are a superstar! Thanks for the encouragement about pregnancy and weight! There is so much "info" out there in the media, online, in the doctor's office about the trials and challenges of being pregnant even if you start out just 10-15 pounds overweight, let alone 30, 40 or more! I guess in system where the bottom of the healthy range for a woman who is 5'10" is 132 pounds (frighteningly thin in my opinion!), I have to take all of the hype with a heaping serving of salt. Thanks for the perspective :)