Saturday, June 07, 2008

Where Weighing-In with my .02 will wind up...

Somebody posted a comment in my last post asking about the direction of the blog once Sadie has made her arrival. Will it be weight loss related again or will it be "All About Sadie"?

Although I am sure I will be telling tales and sharing pictures of our little girl, I am planning on getting back to focusing on losing weight! So to answer your question, this blog will get back on topic as I get back on the weight loss horse!

Granted for the first few months I probably won't be blogging much at all. Maybe an update here, a quick pop-in there, but I don't think this whole parenting thing is going to be easy-peasy. I'll probably be up around the clock, sleep deprived and the last thing on my mind will be stepping on the scale to let the world know if I lost or gained a pound. I girls gotta have her priorities.

Once we get into the swing of things though I hope to get back to my regularly scheduled weigh-ins and blogging. It will be important now more than ever that I get myself healthy, reach my weight loss goal and get myself into a healthy BMI range. So don't fret, all of these goals of mine have not been forgotten, they've just been placed on maternity leave! As I've said all along, whatever weight comes on during my pregnancy just has to come off again after the baby is born. There is just no other option. Since the beginning of this blog I've said failing is not an option and that still rings true today. Not reaching my weight loss goal is just not something I can let happen. I have worked too hard, gotten too close and know all too well how great it will be once I do reach that 200 pound mark (and eventually the 180 point).

I want to set a good healthy example for my child and in order to do so I have to (we have to) lead by example. That means portion control, not food obsessing, having healthy relationships with food, using it for nourishment (not entertainment) and making time for exercise daily. How I approach food and exercise in reference to my child has been in the back of my mind since we started trying to have a baby back in 2005. I want to avoid making some of the same mistakes with Sadie that I have made with myself such as rewarding with food, eating out of boredom... you know all of the things I fought so hard against in the beginning of this whole weight loss ordeal (and still occasionally struggle with). Marco and I have discussed, at length, that we want to have a healthy, happy household and family and that means all of us!

We've already looked into some mommy-baby swim classes and I'm meeting up with some other mommy-baby groups where I imagine many of us will want to get on the weight loss wagon. I hope to make some exercise partners there! Of course Marco will join me once again in the gym or bike riding or whatever it is we decide to do to get back in gear. I'm trying to set myself up for success here!

So there ya go oh faithful reader... I'm here to stay!


Anonymous said...

Gosh , it's a small world! That was me who asked about your post-pregnancy timeline. I hope you didn't feel I put pressure on you and even if you reach 200 (which I'm sure you will) you whould be very happy with yourself, new mom-to-be!

Erin said...

Good to hear!:) We have an almost 5 month old here and while she doesn't exactly keep me on the move, carrying all her stuff is a workout in itself! I was losing weight before I got pregnant with her and couldn't wait to get back on the wagon after she was born. Good habits already learn definitely helped get some of the weight off...not quite to pre-pg weight yet, but almost! You were doing such a great job and I'm sure you'll continue to do so after Sadie comes:)

Monica said...

Hey Sarah!

Have you seen this video?
It's a very inspiring film for mamas-to-be!

Saffa Chick said...

As someone who fights their weight and is trying for a baby your blog is an inspiration - keep it up! I think you're right to mix all your life into your blog, diet isn't something you can compartmentalise because it is affected by everything!

GeorgieGirl said...

I love your blog style! After what... nearly a year of reading you, I actually feel like I know you. YIKES. I sound like a stalker don't I?

I hope you don't change your style... it's so real. It's been so helpful to me, to see how you deal with your life and weight loss.

I get bored with blogs dealing with the simple topic of weight loss and health. I can pick up a book or two and get that information. The problem I have with it, I don't feel a connection with the author, so I don't find them very motivating.

Anyway, don't stress about it. Your no doubt right, you probably won't be blogging much during the first few months... and we'll miss your posts! But we'll be so happy for your little family.