Saturday, June 28, 2008

Larger than life and other smaller news...

And at 36 weeks and 4 days (when the pic was taken) I really am looking large and loving it!
We did some MORE shopping today (I didn't think more baby shopping was possible at this point but apparently I was dead wrong). We traveled to Gouda which is about an hours drive away and went to a massive baby warehouse where we promptly purchased a play mat, a little stuffed puppy dog that plays sounds from the womb (and music for later on) and an Ocean's Wonder Swing! These items were actually on our "after Sadie arrives" list but we are unstoppable!
While there I also sat and glided in a oh-so-comfy glider that I have been longing for. It's really the only piece of furniture I don't have that I really really want. You know the ones that you see all over in every store that carries furniture in the US. Well apparenlty these gliders are a) made of a special rare wood b) magic or c) made of a rare special magic wood. They want 800 euros for a glider and ottoman combination. I have looked at US websites and can find extremely similar (if not exactly the same) from anywhere from $150 to $300 on average. There is just no way in hell I am paying that much for a freaking glider... well unless it really is magical and even then I would have a hard time justifying the price! And the kicker is that you can't find these types of chairs anywhere. I mean ANYWHERE besides this store. Its'so frustrating but what's a girl to do?
So now we really ARE done shopping for this little girl (but maybe just a few more little items, you know how it is!).
I hopped on the scale this morning and noticed my weight has remained the same for the past three weeks. WOOHOO for that. Now that I'm approaching my 37th week (and being considered FULL TERM, can I get another WOOHOO!) my weight gain should slow and possibly even stop. That's a-okay with me. As of Monday if I would happen to go into labor they would not try and stop it. Of course the longer Sadie 'bakes' in there the stronger and better developed her lungs are for breathing and screaming out here in the big world so I don't want to jinx myself or her health by wishing she'd come Monday. But if she were to arrive on say... Wednesday or Thursday, that's be fine with Mommy! But as many people LOVE to tell an expecting, anxious, can't-freaking-wait-until-she's-here-and-I-may-scream-if-it's-much-longer mother... lots of babies are late. I won't have a single hair left on my head if she tries being fashionably late.
I'm having a harder time getting around for long periods of time. I have to stop and rest quite frequently. My back is killing me by the end of the day and I really just need to learn to take it easy. My hips are feeling slightly dislocated. I can feel her head in my crotch bones (surely there is a more scientific name for this but it escapes me) when I walk and let me tell you, walking with a head on your crotch bones is a bit of a challenge. Overall though I feel fantastic. I expected all of these little tortures and they're all a part of the process which I am so very fortunate to experience.
I hope you all are having wonderfully healthy and successful weeks!

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Salsera Gringuita said...

Sarah you look beautiful, glowing! I'm so happy for both of you!
your faithful reader :)