Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Wednesday! Well...I don't know if happy...

Happy Wednesday everybody! Do you want to know WHY it's happy Wednesday for me today??? Well I'll gladly tell ya! It's my very last Wednesday before I go on maternity leave at work. Yahoo! I just have to show up today and for half a day tomorrow and I'm done until the second week of October!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Of course this morning didn't quite start out with the "bang" that I hoped it would. Instead of slowly waking up and rolling over to snuggle my husband for a little while before popping out of the sack I woke to the alarm of a foot cramp. As I extended my foot to relieve said foot cramp, whilst whispering a chorus of ow ow ow ow, the cramp took a detour and settled in my calf. As I then quickly flexed my foot to get rid of the, now, calf cramp, aforementioned foot cramp revived itself and was joined by an inner upper thigh cramp.

The inner upper thigh cramp is a little booger. I have no clue how to get rid of it. I moved my leg in a plethra of directions, none which seemed to relive this guy. I did chose to stick with the lesser of two evils though. A foot/thigh cramp combo is marginally less painful than a full on calf cramp anyday. So rather than extending my foot once again, bringing back the calf cramp, I decided to stand up and try and walk it out.

Well I stood up but I'm not sure if what I did would be considered walking. It was more like an Egor, with a solid step on one leg and a sliding of the cramped led right up behind it. I Egored over to the dresser where I did a number of odd movements trying to relieve the pain, still whispering ow ow ow ow ow to only be encouraged by a quiet "easy easy easy" from my drowsy eyed husband. Easy? What kind of advice is that?!?!?! There was nothing easy about this. Did he see the Egor? Did that look easy? Ahhh well, 7 a.m. was no time to start arguing.

I don't know what ovement finally got rid of the dualing cramps but after a few minutes of standing up they finally went away. Not exactly the perfect start to the day but hey, it can only get better, right? (God am I naive!)

Hope you all are doing well and having super healthy and successful weeks!

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becklette said...

don't you love it when they talk to you like you're a horse (that's how i imagine people talk to horses: "shhh, easy now, easy girl...") because they just don't know what else to do. like, ummm, HELP?

happy last wednesday. i'm totally jealous of your 4 months off with a newborn.