Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The least funnest thing about pregnancy so far...

I can't freaking sleep. At.all.

I am just so uncomfortable no matter what I do. I have these wretched gas pains that will not go away no matter how much I seem to "pass". I laid in bed for 30 minutes moaning from them today. Tried the fetal position but it's impossible to get in a fetal position with a huge belly.

It hurts to roll over because my belly is so heavy. My hips hurt (this is just this week this started). My back hurts. My pillow is too high, or too low, or too hot. The blankets are too hot or too cold or to purple.

I have restless legs and get legcramps. So I can't let my legs rest because of the restless legs but not resting them causes cramps. So circular! My feet are so swollen that they're throbbing.

Marco wants to snuggle and I feel horrible telling him to get away from me. I'm pretty sure he thinks I hate his guts (but I don't... I love his guts!)

I'm up peeing and average of 6 times a night now. When you're only sleeping 5 or so hours, that's a lot. Sadie's head is low in my pelvis so I have to rush to the bathroom thinking I'm about to burst but on the way there she inevitably moves and I realize I don't have to pee at all.

I've tried bathing before bed to relax me but once I hit the pillow my legs start the marathon-o-restlessness. Ugh. I have tried everything I can think of but I just lay there tossing and turning. I just cannot sleep!

Oh and then the sun is rising about 5:30 every morning and wakes me up or Scooter decides he needs to be petted at 6-ish and puts his face right next to mine on the side of the bed and cries. I love my doggy but I may have to kill him.

I need a massage or a shot of tequilla or a Xanax or an Acme anvil to fall on my head or a combination of the aforementioned to make me sleep!

Oh and last night pre-labor contractions began. Whoopee! I only had about 6 the entire night but they were strong enough to wake me up (after FINALLY getting to sleep).

Good news... all of this means I'm just THAT much closer to becomeing a MOMMY!


Erin said...

Oh, I feel for you! When I was pregnant with my son, I had all of that and I was miserable:( The restless legs drove me crazy!! Some things that did help with some of it:
~Sleeping with a fan at the foot of the bed and pointed straight at me. I could handle covering up to get warm, but being hot was unbearable.
~I'm sure you've done plenty of this, but stretching helped with the legs a little bit.
~A microbead pillow to place behind me when I sleep. It would put light pressure on the sore part of my back and actually relieved the ache. It was also helpful to put a pillow (not soft) between my knees when sleeping on my side.

I always find it funny when people suggest you "sleep now before that baby comes"! Yeah, right! I slept so much better *after* that baby came:) Hope things get better for you!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking for just a moment . . . I so understand where you are coming from and I'm sorry you are at this point but as you mentioned, that only means you are getting close to the goal line.

I had the same issue with my hips and it started around 24 weeks for me. I ended up having to sleep sitting up which worked really well. I loaded the headboard with a ton of pillows and propped a few up under each arm. Poor hubby didn't have a whole lot of room but I felt like a queen on my throne and in the end, he truly appreciated me getting some sleep and being a little less crabby (o:

Hope you are able to find some relief!