Friday, July 25, 2008

*big sigh*

No Sadie yet but I did get a sassy new haircut today. Of course it looks nothing like I told the girl to cut it but I ended up liking it anyway. Why is it that you can't just show the woman a picture and come out with hair that looks like the picture? When I say my hair will curl and shrink even if it doesn't LOOK curly when I walk in please, for the love of God, believe me. Why would I make that up? And I didn't request a hard haircut. It was a bob. A normal, blunt cut at the chin, no layers, just cut it straight across, bob. I have now a higher in back, lower in front semi-bob with multi layers in the back. Dude, whatever. At least it's cut. If I put on a bra and proper shirt later I'll have Marco take a picture and post it for all to see.

So for now I'm just sitting patiently waiting for the little one... oh and my cheesecake from Becklette.


alcyone said...

I have the same exact problem with having curly hair that doesn't look curly when it's long. Hairdressers are always, "where did this curl come from?!" even when I warn them! Arrrgh!

Hopefully Sadie will make her appearance soon! Sheesh, even I can't wait to see her!!!

Melaina25 said...

I hate that! I had a hairdresser here give me crazy short layers I didn't want in my hair when I first moved here and they've JUST grown out.

Maybe Sadie will join the likes of these famous birthdays:

Famous people born on July 26~

Sandra Bullock
Actress: Speed, While You Were Sleeping

Kevin Spacey
Actor: The Usual Suspects, American Beauty

Mick Jagger
Member of the group, The Rolling Stones

Stanley Kubrick
Film director: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lolita

Carl Jung

George Bernard Shaw
Writer: Pygmalion