Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still here, still pregnant.

Firstly, thanks for all the really sweet comments on my post below. You guys are the best and sure do know how to make a pregnant woman cry (happy tears!).

My sleep schedule is all out of whack. Usually I'm in bed at 9:30 - 10 o├žlock. This is pre-pregnancy. I just am not a night owl. That said, I am a morning person and generally up at the butt crack of dawn ready to start the day. Well here lately around 11 (so already well past my bedtime) I get this spurt of energy. I can't sit still, I can lounge around and relax... I have to get moving. So my sweet sweet darling husband, even with his long hours at work, has been so kind to go on late night strolls with me. We wander around the neighborhood with the dog and it feels so good. It's the best time of "day" for me. I feel energized, my feet don't ache, it's cool outside... it's just a relaxing time. By time the walk is finished I'm usually yawning and ready to try to get some rest. Sometimes I'm able to, sometimes I still toss for a while but for the most part these evening strolls are pretty darned helpful.

Of course when you're not going to bed until 2 in the morning you don't feel quite as perky at...say..7ish. In fact I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't been out of bed before 10 a.m. for the past 4 or 5 days! Some days it's even been (gasp) 11:30! I haven't slept this long since my club-alcohol-dancing until your blistered days and those have been long gone for years now. I would love to feel guilty but I just don't. I feel fantastic actually. Maybe this is what my restless legs have been trying to get me to do for weeks now but being stubborn I just wouldn't give in.

And then, to make things worse (or better depending on if you're a glass half full person) some days I take a nap in the afternoon! Yes, I wake up to welcome the afternoon and by 3 am back in bed sleeping! It's insane. I've never slept so much in my life!

I am wondering how this will effect me once the baby arrives. Is she also going to be a night owl? Is that what my body is telling me? Yes, she is kung fu fighting between 11 and 1 a.m. every evening so maybe this is a given but is this sleep pattern my destiny? It's fine for now while I'm on maternity leave but once I am back to work I don't think my boss or colleagues will appreciate me strolling in around noon-ish no matter how good I feel. Maybe it's my body's way of preparing me for labor? Maybe I'll be pushing Sadie out around 11-1 which explains my sudden spurt of energy.

Who knows... maybe it's just a fluke. Whatever it is, I'm doing what works for me now no matter how bizarre I find the pattern. It's all just a learning curve at this point.

Only 8 more days until my official due date. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and will try to post another recent picture. I like to imagine all of your eyes popping out of their sockets as you witness my ever expanding belly. Feel free to leave a comment and post your bets on when little Sadie Marie will be arriving! Winner gets... well you get the satisfaction of knowing you guessed right... LOL Well, unless I can come up with something a little more interesting. I will be busy with a new born and all though, I'm sure you understand. Thanks for all of your wellwishes and thoughts! If you could only send some labor vibes now, that would be wonderful!


Monica said...

Just to be mean... I'll bet she comes 5 days late like Eliot did... so that would be the 26th, if I counted right. Make sure to sleep when your body tells you to! It knows it's preparing for a big athletic event in the near future!

Chubby Chick said...

Keep enjoying those midnight strolls and naps while you can! :)

GeorgieGirl said...

What a sweet guy you are married to! Those late night strolls are your memories for your later years, when you'll be laughing and talking about the good ol' days.

Considering your level of uncomfortableness on the 9th, we hope it's not too much longer. I'll say she'll be born the 16th.

AGirlWorthLosing said...

I am thinking about you everyday. Can't wait for your healthy boucy baby girl to get here. I hope you are well! :-)

Amy said...

I slept alot in third trimester too. In fact, I didn't go on maternity leave until two-weeks before Sean was born, so up until my leave started, I would occasionally leave work early to go home and catch a nap (one hour, two hours, three hours...). My energy (and crap tons of adreneline) returned after the birth.

Melaina25 said...

I'm going to go with July 23 (sorry), because I think Sadie wants to be a Leo :)

Monica said...

Ahem... not to be pushy or anything, but at this stage in your pregnancy... how 'bout a bi weekly update to let us know if you're still "in that delicate condition", or if you've moved on to the rather indelicate condition of... mommyhood!