Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No progress... nothing new to report

As a faithful reader gently suggested, I should probably keep you all more in the loop as the impending birth nears so you all aren't sitting in wonder if Sadie's arrived or not and how we're all doing. So here's today's update... I'm still here and I'm still pregnant. LOL Nothing has changed. Well I may be even bigger and her lungs may be a little stronger now but otherwise not much is different than it was yesterday or the day before or the day before that. I keep meaning to have Marco take another picture of me but I can't seem to find the wide lens for the camera anywhere. HAHA, that was a joke, but really I will try to get a 39 week picture for you guys soon. Possibly tomorrow.
The excitement and anxiety is unbearable at times but I'm trying to keep my mind occupied. This is an almost impossible feat most minutes of the day. Oma and Opa Aarssen are calling daily to check if there is any progress. They are so excited. Today they brought over a little Dutch treat that you give to guests when a baby arrives just so we'll have it already once she comes. (I don't personally care for the treat itself, it's a dry cracker type biscuit about the size of a rice cake and they smear butter on it and then sprinkle it with either pink or blue candy sprinkles that are generally anise flavored but it's a very well know and expected Dutch treat so we will have it!). They're excitement is sweet.
My Mom is emailing daily so her and my Dad can check on us. Today she woke up and had a "feeling" that it could be the day. I hope she's right. She is also counting down the days until her visit which makes it even more exciting.
I'm receiving emails from friends and family double checking on how I'm doing. It's all very sweet and very thoughtful. It's nice to know that we're being thought of by so many people!
In the meantime, Alexandra the Great, my friend who did the mural, finished up Sadie's name to hang above her crib. Here's some pictures!


~Jess said...

I hope it's soon for your sake! I was wondering if the long-awaited had arrived yet or not...being that you hadn't posted yet.

Melaina25 said...

I love how the Dutch have sweet things to sprinkle on toast or biscuits. I brought back a box of those chocolate curl type things from my 2005 trip, mmm wish I had some now!