Monday, July 21, 2008

A note from Mommy...

Dear Sadie,

Hello sweetheart! This is your Mommy, Sarah. Today is your due date my little pumpkin. That means that this is the day that you're supposed to arrive so me and Papa can finally meet you. We've been so excited for this day to actually get here!

I just got back from my appointment with the midwife (the lady who will help me bring you into the world, she'll be one of the first people you get to meet) and she doesn't seem to think you'll be coming out to play today. That's probably a good thing because it's very rainy right now. Maybe you're waiting for good weather?

Papa's been talking to you a lot lately in my belly. Have you been listening? He's been asking if you're ready to come out and play. I know you can hear him because when he asks you questions you kick me. When you kick me, I kick Papa, just so he can share in the experience. He doesn't like that very much but it makes me laugh. Maybe you're laughing too when you kick me?

We've got everything all ready for you. We've packed two different outfits to take to the birthing center with us in two different sizes just in case you're bigger than we expect. When we got to see you're pretty little face on the 3d ultrasound ten weeks ago the doctor said you were very long for a 30 week old baby so I'm sure by now at 40 weeks along you're even longer and stronger! Don't worry though we have plenty of clothes for you in all different sizes so you just come on out here whatever size you want to be, okay?

We've got your cradle all ready for you too. We've washed the sheets so they're nice and soft for you and it's just waiting there for you at the end of our bed. Every once in a while Papa will rock it and sing a little song just to make sure he's in good practice for when you really are here. We even have a special little doggy for you that plays sounds of the womb to help you sleep. Papa thinks this will be your favorite stuffed animal and that you'll carry it with you everywhere. I think he may be right.

I know you hear your four legged brother Scooter barking sometimes. He's excited to meet you as well. Every morning he goes into your room to eat his breakfast. I think he's just checking to make sure you didn't come through the night without him knowing. He may look a little funny and will probably steal your food when you get a bit older but I think you guys will be best buddies.

Have you been listening to the songs we've been making up for you and singing every day? The 'shoe shine shop' song is a song my Grandpa used to sing to me when I was little. It's a tongue twister! Your cousins, Jordi and Milan, have learned it too and they will sing it to you as well just as soon as you arrive. My favorite song though is the Sadie Sadie song... you know the one... it goes:

Sadie Sadie, such a little lady
Sitting on the porch and drinkin lemonade-y

Who's that girl with the curls in her hair?
Oh that's my Sadie I'd know her anywhere.

Who's that girl with the twinkle in her eye?
Oh that's my Sadie she's my little pumpkin pie.

Sadie, Sadie, such a little lady
sitting on the porch and drinkin lemonade-y.

Papa and I sing that song to you every day. Once we start it gets stuck in our head. I even sang it in my dream last night. I hope you come out soon so we can sing it together while I rock you in my arms. I think you'll like it a lot out here.

Anything you could possibly need we're ready to give to you. We have stored up lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles, laughs, tickles, sways, rocking, bouncing, love... anything you want... we're ready to give to you. We're ready to read you stories. We're ready to change your dirty diapers. (Papa gets super pooper duty!). We're ready to make you feel safe. We're ready to let you feel loved. We're ready to kiss your scrapes and bumps. We're ready to teach you new things. We're ready to watch you learn and grow. We're ready for you sweetie. Just come whenever you can. We're ready to be your Mommy and Papa. We love you Sadie.



Anonymous said...

What a lovely post!! I wish you all the very best for the upcoming birth.. hope everything goes smoothly and quickly and as painfree as possible ;)
Your little girl will be pampered won't she ;)

becklette said...

awww, that's so sweet... now, how much longer until she gets a stern eviction notice??

Melaina25 said...

You are too cute..

Erin said...

This is so sweet! Hope she comes soon and that everything goes well!:)

Kandi said...

That is such a sweet letter. I wish I had thought to do something like that for my daughter. I love the Sadie Sadie song, so cute! I hope you have a smooth birth and that it is soon!

Amy said...

Dear Mommy,

Hi! It's your firstborn...Sadie...ya know, the one that's been kicking you and keeping you miserable the last couple of weeks. I just wanted to let you know I'm quite comfortable in here. It's so warm and cozy I think I'm going to hang out until around the 26th or so.

Tell Papa that I'm looking forward to meeting him and to keep talking to me, and that I can't wait until my little legs can give him a swift kick on their own!

As for clothes, I think at first I'd prefer just being naked in your arms. I hope you don't mind a little Sadie pee on you. So thank you very much, you can ditch the clothes for now.

Please tell Scooter to stop sniffing my butt. Even though I am his sister, tell him I am not a canine and he shouldn't greet me as one. If he continues I shall pull on his ears at a later date. And if he even thinks about stealing my food I can guarantee a finger poking at his butt. I've heard dogs love that.

Mommy, I do love my Sadie Sadie song. Although...because you are my mommy and I can tell you anything...please don't quit your day job!

So, now let's talk about that "anything I could possibly want" thing. Are we talking "anything"? Cuz, well, you know I'm in here thinking (and I've had many months to just lay around and think)...I'm thinking that someday I may want a nice little sports convertible, in red...and some designer jeans...and a credit card or two. These are just of the top of my head, of course. There will be many things in between now and then too.

For now I guess I will suffice with kisses and cuddles, and giggles and tickles. A warm blankie would be nice, and a clean rump as much as possible please. I am ready to learn from you...I can't wait to see the amazement on your faces as I do new things. Just remember that I will grow faster than you think possible, and time will fly by faster than you know it. I'm sure you will cherish each and every moment.

Until then...Peace Out!

Love Sadie.

Saffa Chick said...

Exciting and frustrating?! What a lovely letter. Lucky Sadie.

I'm wishing you the best of luck from downunder. I hope it all goes well.