Friday, July 18, 2008

Did you drop something?

Because I did. Sadie has definately "dropped" meaning she is low low low in my pelvis causing obscene amounts of pressure and making mommy walk around like a rodeo rider. Howdy cowgirl!

I was in a lot of pain (more uncomfortableness than pain) yesterday. I had those terrible intestinal pains again on top of her dropping and causing pelvic uncomfiness with every step. The bottom of my belly is extremely sore and tender and I could have sworn that yesterday was going to be "it". Oh how very wrong I was, once again.

I'm no longer leaving the house alone to go long distances because when the pain strikes I really can barely move on my own. We were in the forrest with the dog yesterday when they struck and our normal 10 minute walk back to the car took me at least 25 minutes. Macro was with me luckily but I just don't dare to go running around (HA! more like weeble-ing around) on my own.

Today is the full moon. I hope it does it's magic and brings this baby out into the world to meet us!

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becklette said...

maybe you SHOULD go far from home alone (with you cell!) because wouldn't that work like going to the bathroom when you're annoyed that your food hasn't arrived? i mean, i'm just guessing...