Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm still here...and still pregnant.

Oh yes, I am still here and still very pregnant. Not that I should expect NOT to be still pregnant since I'm not due until the 21st but it would be totally 100% okay with me not to be pregnant anymore and to be holding little Sadie in my arms.

I've been having a bit of a rougher time than usual lately. I am very uncomfortable (I'll post a 38 week 1 day pic below and you'll see why). I can't stand for long periods or even long enough to finish the dishes because my hot-itchy-swollen feet won't allow it. I can't massage them myself because I can't reach them without totally winding myself.

I can't sleep at night. I just can't. It's an impossible task. Prep for baby care, probably.

I am having heartburn like crazy but thank God for Zantac.

I can't sit on the couch because it's too low and squishes up my belly when I sit there making me unable to breath. I've read that oxygen is kind of necessary.

I can't tie my own shoes... again it totally winds me.
I can't walk the dog very far because of aforementioned winding.

Getting up from the bed winds me. For all this winding I could fly a fleet of kites.

Sadie's little kicks are no longer cute little awwwww kicks. They are cowabunga-drop-kicks to various body parts including the crotch and ribs at the same time. The crotch kicks make me feel like I have to pee so each time I get up and pee... well I get up and sit on the toilet and drip.

Not only that, after struggling with infertility for 2.5 years before finally getting our wish to become parents I feel so extremely guilty for not being super miss perky pregnant woman. I know tons of women who would die to be feeling all of the things I am feeling right now but you know what, that doesn't mean it is all fun! Yes, I wanted this baby more than anything in the world and my God I would't give up this time for the life of me, but holy hell I'm ready to be done being pregnant and moving on to the next phase! Bring on the 2am feedings, sleepless nights, colic...whatever you want to throw at me. I'm ready!

Oh and here's my 38 week and 1 day picture. Weebles, they wobble but they don't fall down!


serenity said...

Hey. Pregnancy is no walk in the park - especially at the end. Hang in there, sweetie. You're almost there.

(luvsafinn from the MSN board)

Lissa said...

I love it!!!! Your belly is sooo huge...(I can say that, and it cant hurt your feelings cause we're family!) LOL! No seriously, you look great and you are all baby, your face looks so good and not swollen! I'm so happy for you guys, and cant wait to see what she looks like! I know those last couple weeks suck ass, but its soooo worth it. Use lots of pillows when sleeping, I know nothing works well though! Love you!

Amy said...

You look beautiful! Even if you don't feel it!

The end is no walk in the park, heck it isn't even a walk to the mailbox, but it is the end. I'm predicting a due date of the 26th. Not that I'm psychic or anything, I'm just throwing it out there!

...and hey is your mom coming out soon?

Monica said...

This post brings back (unpleasant) memories! lol. Even if she decides to hang out and cook for a bit longer, you'll make it! Good luck with the birth!

The Lassie said...

I so understand the guilt part. I felt just like you towards the end of the pregnancy and kept berating myself for not just enjoying pregnancy bliss. And now I am typing this comment one-handed, because my little girl of 8 weeks currently refuses to sleep anywhere but on my belly. :)

Girl on a Mission... said...

You look fantastic!

becklette said...

seriously, for real, you look fantastic! very, very pregnant and fantastic.

Amy said...

I felt like that too (like I *should* be constantly perky and happy, when all I wanted to do was sit and/or sleep) at the end of my pregnancy. It's very conflicting when you've gone through infertility because as much as you want it, it's still hard. But when you think about it, isn't EVERYTHING that's worthwile, difficult?

Erin said...

You still look so good!! I know the end sucks and you feel bad yelling at your kid before they're even born, but you just want to lecture them to "get out already!";) I hear ya on those kicks too! With my littlest one I swear a time would come when I'd be walking (or waddling, it's all the same!) and she'd kick, only to have me fly across the cereal aisle from the force:) I'm sure you've heard it and it's getting old, but you're almost done and she'll be here soon!!!

Ellen said...

Holy canoly! You sure are pregnant :) I forgot how awesome your nursery looks, too - so cute and simple it! So lookin' forward to seeing baby and mom pics one day. It is sooooo close!! Not that it is any of our business, and maybe I don't speak for everyone else, but if you felt like sharing your birth story sometime after the fact I know I for one would totally want to read it!

GeorgieGirl said...

Oh how sweet! Look at that little baby belly! The last weeks of pregnancy always seem so long... *BTDT six times* can't breathe, can't sit, can't stand, and gotta go pee every few minutes. You may feel oh so awful, but you really do look wonderful!

Teale said...

So are we taking bets yet on when Miss Sadie will make her arrival? I say July 18. In the afternoon. :)

GeorgieGirl said...

Sarah, I know, considering you are waiting for a baby and totally uncomfortable, it wasn't really fair of me, and you don't have to participate in it, but I tagged you for a meme.

The post on my blog is What is Your Biggest Health/Fitness Vice? If you are up to participating, I'd love to see what you have to say!

I hope all is going well... We are just days away from the (due date) big event!