Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's 12:30 here and all is well

No sign of the munchkin yet. I am having some pressure/uncomfortableness in my lower pelvis but I guess that'll happen when you have a baby laying in it. I'm also having what is refered to in the pregnant world as "lightening crotch". It's when you get a shooting pain suddenly, out of the blue, with no warning and it sends your hands directly to your crotch, huntched over in pain no matter how inappropriate of a place you are in to be grabbing your crotch (the grocery store, on a walk in the neighborhood, at your in-laws house). It stikes you so suddenly, in a flash, like lightening, hence the name given, "lightening crotch". Lightening crotch is not fun and I do believe that my cervix will never be the same.

So, so far no Sadie today but you have been updated on the happenings in my genital region. Now you can rest well, no?


becklette said...

honestly, i don't know how i ever got through a day without an update on the goings-on in your genital region. i had no idea what joy i was missing out on!

Jelena and Mark said...

Oh, is that what it was? Thanks, now more than a year later I know what that shooting pain is called.
Good luck in the next couple of days and hope that Sadie makes her appearance very soon!