Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Sunday! I'm having a really fantastic weekend. I'm off on Fridays now with my parental leave and I have the weekends off and Sadie and I have just had a really terrific weekend together. She's been so fun and in such a good mood. She's been sleeping so much better and it's made a huge difference for Marco and I. She's still not sleeping wonderfully but so much better. I took some pictures of her just yesterday (they're on her blog) and she is just getting so big and changing so much. Any day now she's going to be mobile and then our whole world will change once again. I'm looking foward to it and wishing time would slow down all at the same time. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a Mom. Somebody called me a parent the other day and it about sent me into a panic. What?!?!?! I'm a parent?!?!?! For pete's sake I'm a parent! It seems like I shouldn't be old enough to have that 'label' but God knows that's not true... I'm old enough and then some. We won't get into that though.

I've managed to do pretty well with my eating and was feeling fairly confidant to see a drop on the scale this coming Tuesday for my weigh in... that was until this morning when the dreaded aunt flo reared her ugly head. Now I'm not sure if bloat and water retention will spoil my weigh in or not. I'm drinking plenty of fluids, not eating sodium laden foods, have been controlling my portions this week and the snack monster has been kept at bay. I've also wii'd my way into a frenzy for about 1.5 - 2 hours this week, which isn't great but it's still pretty okay, so that should also help. No matter what the scale says I know in my head and heart that I did well and it will all even out in the end so I won't let it send me diving for the fridge in a despressed panic.

So that's about it for this week. Work is a mad house since they let go of 3 people from our department thanks to the financial crisis (we only had 9 to begin with) so my blog time has been pushed to the side for now even on my lunch hour. Don't worry though.. even when I'm not blogging... I'm still wishing I was blogging and not working. LOL

I hope you all are having successul healthy weeks!


Jim Purdy said...

You said: " I'm still wishing I was blogging and not working."

Be careful what you wish for.

Best wishes to you.

MackAttack said...

I just hate how Aunt Flo can ruin things! It's somewhat comforting to think that it's just water weight...