Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's a hat trick! 4 pounds gone this week!

No, I’m not going to pull a cute fuzzy bunny out of my hat folks but for the third week in a row I’ve dropped some weight. I saw a whopping 4 pound loss on the scale this week bringing my weight to 124.8 or 275lbs! Of course last weeks drop was miniscule but a loss is a loss is a loss is a loss and this makes 3 weeks in a row for me! I have lost a little over 10 pounds in the last three weeks and I am feeling pretty fabulous about that. Simply fab.

I really didn’t know what to expect this morning to be fully honest. It was a tricky week. Not logging my food religiously had me a bit worried although I still was being very conscious about what I was eating. It seems like I did a-okay.

What makes me most excited though is my over all goal. Right now I am a mere 33.9 kilos or roughly 75lbs away from my goal. A mere 33.9 kilos you scoff as you raise your hairy brow (you may want to look into waxing that thing, two eyes = two eyebrows)…. Yes, a mere 33.9 kilos. Why is it so “not a big deal” you ask…I will tell you why...because that is the amount of weight I lost before my pregnancy! I know I can lose it, I did it before so it just gives me so much more confidence that I can do it again! It just seems so much more attainable and much less abstract now that I realize how ‘close’ I am.

So now the question is….can I make it 4 weeks in a row? The other question is… if 3 is a hat trick, what is 4, a “pull my finger” trick? Hopefully you’ll all be giving my digits a tug next Tuesday when I hop on the scale again.

I hope you are all have successful, healthy weeks!

Sultana biscuits (165 calories)
Coffee w/ milk and sugar


2 cups of veggie soup w/ 2 slices of w.g. bread
3 deli slices of chicken
cuke and red bell pepper slices

3 w.g. crackers (25 cal each) w/ pb (1tb) and a drizle of honey
10 red hots (which instantly gave me heart burn)
5 tortilla chips plain, 3 with guacamole
an orange

baked chicken
3/4 of a small baked potato


The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

Congrats! you lost my two dogs! Good job.

Kirsten said...

Go buy yourself a tube of lippy!