Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday weigh-in...

Well I'm down by 0.4 kilos or 0.8 lbs. Not phenominal...not exceptional....not great...not super... actually that doesn't even deserve an honorable mention. It's my eating for sure. I have been a bit out of control (again) with portion control. For instance Sunday I went with Marco and Jennifer to Subway and instead of eating a 6 inch sub I went for the entire foot. I did choose one of the subs under 7 grams of fat but still, half og one would have been just fine. It's stupid crap like that...just eating more when I KNOW I shouldn't that I need to get grips on again.

I'm determined that this week is going to be better. I'm tired of typing out the same old crap all of the time "I ate too much" or "I had a second sandwich when I didn't need it". blah blah blah. I need a good week to get me back in the right mindset and the only person who can make that happen is me.

I hope you all are having healthy successful weeks!


The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

BUT when Marco and I got french fries you did not so that shows huge self restraint! And a loss is a loss no matter what the number! Good job.

Erin said...

A loss is still a loss! We all have those days...today wasn't great for me at all:( My meals were okay, it was the snacking and it was horrible snacking...all junk food. Been a rough day all around, being a mom isn't easy! Tomorrow is a new day and we'll both do better!