Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dripping with cheese...

And I'm not talking about food! It's ME that's dripping with cheesiness! I didn't want to go to the gym because of my back injury (which is doing MUCH better) but I did want to get in some sort of cardio. I decided to slip on my Ipod, slip off my clothes, put on my sports bra, undies and workout shoes, close the blinds and dance my pants off (well they were already off) in my living room. (cheesy move #1)

So I started movin' and a swayin'. I threw in a "running man" and "the cabbage patch" along with some other hot moves (I even did the St. Louis dance and thought of Keith and Josh) and was just having a great time knowing that nobody in the world would ever believe that I do stuff like this if I wouldn't confess it over the Internet. (makes ya wonder what other nut jobs are doing!)

"(Bump) Like This" by Kelly Rowland and Eve was on and I just cannot seem to get enough of that song for whatever reason. I bet I listened to it a good 8 to 10 times yesterday. I "bumped" along with Kelly and Eve and managed to work up a sweat. I needed a drink.

I shimmied and shook past the mirror on my way to the kitchen and saw how utterly ridiculous I looked in my workout "clothing". I literally laughed out loud at the site of myself. There is just something about a white sports bra, pink striped panties paired with sock and tennis shoes that will crack a girl up.

So I did something even cheesier than dancing half naked in my house. I grabbed my water bottle from the fridge and two-stepped my way into the bedroom.

I opened my closet and pulled out a dress I bought for a wedding about 6 years ago. It only fit me for a short amount of time before I "grew" out of it. I don't even know why I kept it to be honest. I put it on. It fit. In fact, it was too big on top.

So then I was dancing in my little black dress and my socks and tennis shoes. I boot-scooted back to the mirror to take a look and laughed again. I don't think anybody call really truly pull off a dress with sneakers.

Cheesy move #3. I kicked off the workout shoes and put on my black strappy high heels. MUCH better. So there I was all alone at home in a hot black dress and sexy sandals, dancing by myself, working up quite a sweat. I shook my arse for a good 30 minute workout.

I don't know if I should laugh at the ridiculousness of it all or cry at the ridiculousness of it all. But the ultimate cheese of it all (cheesy move #4) is that I'm looking forward to doing it again tonight!


The Pound Slayer said...

You're so much fun! LOL

I would have loved to see you boogeying down in your little black dress.

Being cheesy is good when it's done with style :)

Christine said...

Good for you. You gotta do what you gotta do! I remember pulling the drapes and doing the same thing to my "Biggest Loser" DVD workout. I kept glancing over to make sure that the curtain was 100% SHUT! hA. Keep it up!

Mandy said...

I do this exact same thing! People keep wondering why I wont buy a dining room table for my new house but the truth is, that's my DANCING room! At 300 pounds, my sister doesn't understand why I want a leotard. Ha! I keep buying all these dancing clothes, little flowy tops, stretchy pants, things I would see the dance majors at school walk around in all day and be envious. I highly recommend people to "Dance like no one is watching" because they aren't! Good for you!