Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Fat Bloke Thin Challenge!

I've taken my weight loss to a new level recently and I'm pretty excited about it. After being so inspired by contestants on The Biggest Loser series that have been airing here recently I have found a little weight loss challenge of my own.

I have joined in Fat Bloke Thin's weight loss challenge! (Thanks Pound slayer!)

I'll admit I'm a little on the competitive side (just a smidgen) and when I found his blog through a blog, of a blog, of a blog I was immediately excited by the thought of actually losing some poundage and having other un-thin people simultaneously trying to lose weight in order to beat me. Well okay, so they probably aren't out there on the treadmill thinking "I've got to beat .02" but I think it will make a big difference for me when I'm in the gym doing my cardio.

I can see it already. I'll be up on the elliptical machine ellipticalling away and I'll know all these other blogger-people out there will be trying to reach the same finish line that I'm running for. I think it will be great motivation!

And yes I realize people can lie about their weight and how much they've really lost each week but really I could do that every single week here too. What would be the point of doing it if you're just going to lie?

So yay for Fat Bloke Thin and weight loss challenge and yay for me beating the pants off of all of them! (just a smidgen I tell ya!)


Jess said...

Competition is a great motivator! My husband and I are actually doing our own "biggest loser" challenge. Our final weigh in will be on September 1st. The loser has to call the winner "master" for the rest of the year and, twice during that time, also has to dress like "genie" (Genie from Aladdin for him and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie for me). Ha! I was picturing him yesterday in his big blue suit and pointy shoes. But, really, even if I lose, he'll be just as's a win-win all around for me!
Good luck!!!!

GeorgieGirl said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog! I really appreciate the advice you gave about my teenager. I was in such a quandry about what to do, but I think we can get a handle on this now.

I'm off to search your blog for that article...

The Pound Slayer said...

sarah, to make a hyperlink in the text of your entry, highlight the words you want to turn into a link and hit the "hyperlink" button above the area where you type in your message. It's the one with the chain links on it.

The Pound Slayer said...

I was thinking about the fatblokethin challenge, but right now I am having enough fun just challenging myself. Maybe I will join a group challenge later in the game, when I need a new motivational kick.

FatBlokeThin said...

Thanks for the mention Sarah and welcome aboard - I'll start working on Pound Slayer right now - he'll be in the challenge before you know it...Grrrr!