Friday, August 24, 2007


I have myself a back injury. I’d love to say it was due to some excruciating workout at the gym where I sweated buckets and lost inches off my arse in one go. The true story isn’t nearly as fascinating as that though. I was walking into the kitchen to make Scooter, my dog, breakfast when the entire middle of my back seized into a ball sending me down to kiss my toes quietly yelling “ouch ouch ouch ouch” as it was only 7:45 AM I didn’t want to wake the neighbors by screaming “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT IS THIS PAIN!”. Yes folks, I got an injury from walking.

I was able to straighten up most of the way but when I stood fully erect the muscle would contract and once again send me back down, whimpering. I made it to work, driving was interesting to say the least. I took some pain killers that seemed to do absolutely nothing for me. I’m fairly certain I need muscle relaxers but trying to get anything but Tylenol from Dutch doctors is like pulling teeth. My boss gave me some Tiger Balm to rub on it last night before I went to bed and that seemed to help a little but at 5 this morning that tiger had had its last roar and I was in agony again. (it’s not really agony, just a bit of wincing pain really but agony sound better when you write it.)

I’m not really sure what caused this muscle spasm. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, especially at work and my shoulders and lower back had been aching for a few weeks. Last week the muscle pain spread from my back to up under my ribs. I’m trying to tell myself “let it go, let it go, let it go” but when you physically hold in stress I don’t think any chanting is going to help or at least any chanting that I’ve tried. Work stress on top of my every day life stresses recently is just a prescription for pain. I know I should go in for a massage but massages are kind of the extra little perks in life that don’t fit into our budget right now.

Marco put a fresh coat of magic balm on me before I left for the office this morning and I’m sitting here warm and tingly emitting a lovely eucalyptus/menthol vapor from under my shirt. Needless to say I’m skipping the gym so my food intake is going to play a huge role in my number on Tuesday.


Lynn said...

Aww, sorry you hurt your back. Take it easy the next couple days, no heavy lifting.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Angie All The Way said...

Yikes! I am always so sympathetic to anyone in pain! I hope your back is feeling better soon!

Re your post on my blog: Thanks very much for your input, especially since you come from a legal background and it's interesting to me to hear this perspective, especially coming from another country. It is certainly important to hear descent in any debated issue.

The only thing about what you said that I wanted to rebut, was that the bar was given the opportunity to comment, but chose not to provide the media with their account of the events. The journalist had the facts of what the woman said and he reported them. I'm sure if he had the comment of the bar owner, he would have reported them as well.

But, like you said, I wouldn't take the woman's comments as 100% golden truth just because she said so. But the issue with the human rights commission is what got my feathers ruffled. Assuming what the woman says is true, that is: I don't necessarily think that a person should be considered "disabled" just because they are obese, and a business can choose to serve whoever they want, but for me the issue is that they took her money, served her a drink and then said, get out! This would never have been acceptable if the discrimination was based on anything currently covered under the Human Rights Act.

Thanks again and please keep posting!

georgiegirl said...

I hope you start feeling better real soon!

georgiegirl said...

I just read your comments on Pound Slayer's rewards post. What great ideas!

I've been thinking about setting up a reward or two for various goals. I've been thinking about setting up some goals. I guess that would be a great start... the goals. It's on my to-do list. It's been on my to-do list for over a week now. Anyway, thanks for the great ideas! Maybe that's how I'll spend the next hour or two... thinking about some of my goals.

I love your comments! You always give such great advice.