Sunday, August 26, 2007

Out of wack with priorities?

Marco and I were on our way home from shopping today and I made the statement that I was just going to have a relaxing evening at home and maybe even take a nap. He was going to be at work so it was supposed to be just me and Scoots hanging out. I had an inkling that I'd be doing some dancing later (see post from earlier today) but if I didn't that was okay with me.

So he left for work and I sat down to relax and catch up with some of my regular bloggers. Most of the blogs I read on a semi-daily basis are weight loss related. It's just inspiring to see other people who are dealing with the same issues I'm dealing with and I love to share any helpful advice I can with some of the newer people who are just starting out.

Most of my regular bloggers hadn't written anything recent. I commented on a few of the ones who had added a new post. I followed some of the other commentors to discover new blogs. I checked their blog rolls to find other weight loss blogs. I spent a good part of an hour reading about weight loss.

Then I got to thinking. What if I dedicated as much time to losing weight as I did to reading about losing weight? I guess that statement is a bit unfair as I am totally 100% trying to lose weight every day and it's on my mind with every meal and snack I make. But what are my priorities?

There isn't a day that I don't click into at least 3 (and usually more) other weight loss blogs to see what my fellow 'losers' are up to but there are plenty of days where I don't dedicate myself to a workout of any kind. What if I dedicated that time to working out instead of sitting behind the computer? What if I even dedicated half of that time to exercising? That's 30 minutes a day I could be exercising. That means today instead of sitting here wishing one of my bloggers would have blogged about something new, I could have been jumping rope, walking, jogging, riding my bike, lifting some weights... even just stretching out. Instead of burning 20 calories clicking away on different sites I could have burned 200 outside playing catch with the dog (and he would have LOVED it).

I think I need to give myself a quick reality check. Am I really as dedicated to losing weight as I think I am? Yes, I want to lose weight. I talk about it a lot. I write about it. I do eat to lose weight. Some days I work out to lose weight. But do I really give my weight loss the type of dedication it deserves? I mean, it is my health here that we're talking about. Should that precede over reading another blog about weight loss?

I do want to be real though. I realize that not every minute of the day can be spent trying to lose weight via exercise. I do realize I need down time. I do also realize that having a network of fellow bloggers out there struggling along side me can be (and is) very beneficial and actually I think it's extremely important.

I think today was a wake-up call that was a long time coming. After really thinking about what I've done today that would actually benefit my heart, my muscles, my weight loss, (it didn't take long to think about it as I hadn't done anything really) I got dressed and took the dog outside to play. He was thrilled. I played fetch until he couldn't breathe anymore and then I brought him back in and went for a jog. It's something I haven't done for a very long time. I ran for about 30 minutes then I came home and did a few strength training exercises and hit the shower.

I'm going to try and dedicate just as much time, if not more, to getting in a little bit of exercise each and every day as I do to reading about losing weight. Exercise of some sort should be a part of my daily routine. If I can read blogs for 30 minutes a day there is just no good excuse for me not to be exercising 30 minutes every day. I deserve that.


john - from fat to fit said...

That's a really great point! I know for me, however, that I am viewing this time spent posting and reading and commenting as part of building up a much needed support system. If I abandoned all of it just to exercise I fear I would stop exercising. So there needs to be a balance, and it sounds like that is what you are looking to do, so good luck!

Christine said...

Good idea - and you made me think today. :) Have you looked into Google Reader? It will tell you what blogs have been updated and then you can take 5 minutes or 20 - depending on how long you have left your reading?? I use it and it saves me alot of time.

It's important to me to keep an eye on things in bloggerland. I feel that its an important part of my diet. As silly as that sounds. Other peoples journeys fuel me and keep me going. Somedays it takes longer that I have - but I make it part of my day. If you blog about a good day - then it makes me happy.

Take care. Great blog today.

Angela said...

Thanks for visiting my site, Sarah. It's nice to bump into others who have been doing this for a while as well. The journey evolves as you move through it, doesn't it? Anyway--good luck to you as you continue to learn more about what you need to do to make yourself healthy. Seems like this entry is a great continuation of that. You suggested Dr. Phil's book, which I read--it was okay. I think many of the books I read are gimmicky, to an extent. I find my journal and the blogs I'm reading more genuine. I appreciate the candor and honesty I find within them more than the theories and the preaching that I get from some "experts" who have written books. Erin Shea at Lose the Buddha and Shauna at Diet Girl seem like phenomenal, real women who have lived weight loss for a long time and who are successful. Can't recommend them highly enough, if you haven't read them yet. They remind me that all of us have issues that drive us to donuts once in a while. And really? There is no cure--just better weapons!

*ccc* said...

Good for you, lady. Good for you. Sometimes that happens to me too--I sit back and tell myself I don't have time to eat and it hit me...I went to the mall that day. Or I slept in. Or I went out to eat, bla bla bla.

It's a matter of finding time, making yourself and your health a priority and going forward.

Rock on