Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've quit the gym

Marco and I went Thursday and gave our one month notice at the gym. But this isn't the bad news it may seem to be. We're quitting this gym because we're getting a new place! We're FINALLY getting out of this one bedroom tiny apartment and are moving into a much bigger three bedroom apartment in another part of Amsterdam (in Sloten for any Dutchies reading).

It was kind of sad turning in my notice at the sweat box. I still remember when Marco and I first went to the gym to check it out and how new and shiny and exciting the whole thing was. I have had some great trainers, some great workouts, some funny firsts, some deep thoughts... it's just been one of the biggest keys in my success so far.

I still haven't seen a gym in our new neighborhood but I've been told there are some. We don't be moving until September or maybe even October so I still have time to look around and find something that suits us.

Marco and I have tossed around the idea of foregoing the membership and taking some personal classes or lessons instead. I was thinking salsa or some sort of high intensity dance stuff. I believe he may have been thinking something a bit more sporty, like kickboxing. Maybe we'll do a mix of the both.

It does scare me a bit to think of not having that membership though. Am I strong enough to push myself on my own? Will I be dedicated enough to find cardio to do by myself? Will the temptation of sitting on the couch, vegging out be even stronger when I know I'm not paying the gym for their "services"? It's scary.

I did lose my first 30 pounds without a gym membership, so it can be done but maybe those first 30 were easier than these next 40 will be?

I can begin jogging outside again I suppose. I got away from jogging after joining the gym and finding that the elliptical machine causes less soreness/pain in my feet. There is a great soccer field right out back that I could run around. We'll be on the bottom floor so I can do some jumping rope without having to worry about knocking the downstairs neighbor's chandeliers off the walls. There will be plenty flights of stairs in the building that I can run up and down if I wanted to. I can get that exercise ball I've been eyeing at the sports store and maybe buy some more hand weights to keep my muscles in shape. Maybe I could even look into some DVD's to do some cardio at home. (I have looked for some already here but for whatever reason I can't find an updated workout video, everything is still from the 1980's it seems).

It's all possible. I can do all of these things. But will I? God I hope so.


Angie All The Way said...

Exercise is certainly important, but nutrition is more important by FAR. I was 30 lbs into my loss (240 lbs) when I got into a car accident which left me immobile. There was NO exercise for about 10 months (2 of which I was using a walker to get around). It was during this time that I continued to drop tons of weight through pure good nutrition. So now that I'm back on the horse, or attempting to be, I look at exercise as more of a bonus and not so much as the main driving force for my success. I'm living proof.

Maybe this can take some of the pressure off?

I'm sure you will find a great new place in your new neighbourhood which you will love and it will feel all fresh and new all over again! said...

Just a little update for you. I have less than a week till our weigh in date, and I've gained 2lbs! I'm not happy. But I plan on really pushing my self these last few days. Wish me luck.

Salsera Gringuita said...

You'll be able to do it, Sarah!

And... I'm a salsa dancer, a little short bus when I started but getting a WHOLE lot better, pretty quickly. If you really get out there and give it a whirl, it's an awesome workout, and tons of fun if you enjoy the music. Best to you!

Greetings from SC

lurker said...

Catcarol why don't you start a blog of your own so people can really follow your story rather than finding bits and pieces of it on other people's blogs? It's very easy to do, I'm sure you can manage it.

Lynn said...

I know what you mean.... dbf & I moved into our first house this past spring, it's out of the city and my gym was in the city. It was a big let down and I still miss it alot. But it's very possible to get a good work out. I've been walking/jogging, plus got lots of diff fitness vids - pilates, kickboxing, yoga etc. and will probably invest in an elliptical soon (since that is what I miss the most!)

Have you considered purchasing a piece of cardio equipment?