Thursday, August 02, 2007

We're a funny couple, we really are.

Don't you wish sometimes that you could spy on the every day ordinary people that you know while they're relaxed at home, just to see how they really are? I'm not talking about over the top reality television where you're followed around by camera crew's acting "natural" but really capturing people's true selves when they think there's nobody watching.

Who knows, maybe your sweet little old neighbor lady who bakes cookies at Christmas time for all the little neighborhood kids is really a secret chat-room-o-holic and has cyber relationships with unsuspecting red-headed bearded men. (I don't know why they're red headed, ask her!)

Are you curious if Miss Prissy Pants in the cubicle next to you goes home and has belching and farting contests with her significant other?

Wouldn't you love to catch a glimpse of the bad-ass-bad-attitude-tatooed-pierced-make up wearing-Goth-teen-who-hasn't-cracked-a-smile-in-3-years as he goes inside his dungeon room and locks to door before he practices his Grand jeté and Pliés in a pink tutu?

Wouldn't you just like to catch a peek sometimes?

If you were peeking in our house last night here's a brief synapsis of what you may have seen:

After the gym I took my shower and we watched some TV before Marco hopped in to get all squeeky clean. I was dead tired from the workout and was ready to crash. So as he's in the shower I start brushing my teeth for bed. I had already put my pajamas on and by this I mean I was naked, naturally. Yes, we sleep in the buff at the Aarssen homestead.

So as I'm brushing away I'm checking myself out in the mirror. Just my upper body is reflecting back at me. I'm looking at my pretty little collar bones. Nice to see you! I'm doing that turny thing that women do all the time to look at their backs. I'm really just checking myself out. Then I put my toothbrush away and really decide to take a good look at what I got.

So there I was in front of the mirror full-out posing. I mean really posing:

I admired myself for a while, laughing at the rediculousness of what I was doing. I have some definite tone in my arms and my shoulders have this nice curvy thing going on when I flex my biceps out to the sides of my head like you do when you're a kid.

I was a little surprised and kind of impressed. So of course I whip back the shower curtain and make Marco look at me, posed.

"Look at my arms!" as I flex and then turn back to the mirror to make sure I'm flexing properly to get the most muscle for the viewing.


"Feel 'em"

Like a good sport he squeezes my arms and raises his eyebrows in fake surprise. He then goes back to showering.

I strike my second pose and whip back the curtain again.

"Look at my shoulders!"

His eyes dart back and forth between the two making a pit stop somewhere around my "pectoral muscles". *wink wink* He smiled.

"I see them"

"NO, really look at them. Do you see the swoopy thing?"

I break pose to point out the aforementioned swoopy thing with one arm.

"See it?"

"Yes, it looks great sweetie."

I wasn't convinced he was really seeing what I meant though. Men.

I continued to strike poses in the mirror as my poor husband tried to enjoy his shower.

When he was finished he joined me in front of the mirror in his pajamas, so yes, naked. Then he posed for me. I felt his muscles and "oohed" and "ahhed" in awe at all the right times. We took turns posing and making one another feel our muscles and we laughed. We flexed our arms, legs, backs, necks, forearms and butts and groped one another, making sure to give proper credit where credit was due.

I think we felt each other up for a good 15-20 minutes before I was all flexed out and flopped into bed followed shortly by my husband.

The moral of the story is that on the outside we're an every day, normal, run of the mill couple. I go to the office, he goes to the restaurant, we come home, we walk the dog, we wave at the neighbors but...once the doors are closed and the chains are locked we turn into "Sarah and Marco... Body Builders Extraordinaire" ...well minus the grease and steroids.

You just never know!


Lynn said...

LMAO!!! I do that all the time (stare at myself naked in the mirror, noticing all the little changes!!)

Christine said...

LOL. This is why I close my curtains at night. I can't imagine anyone seeing me. :)

Shannon said...

You guys are WAY more comfortable with your bodies than I am...holy cow--that's awesome!

I would say every couple has their "moments" like these....ahhh...secrets :-)

By the way, I love your exchange student :-) Very cute post.

On a completely random note, where did you get the blog "Just Sayin's All". That's a bizaar blog!

*ccc* said...

Aww, that's too cute :)

Isn't it fabulous to 1. See changes in your body and 2. To share them with someone who's going to appreciate them, even if it's in a silly way?

Good for you both!