Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well good morning to me!

Today is my official weigh in day and to be honest I was a little scared. It got very warm (by Holland standards) yesterday and I was retaining water like a desert cactus. My puffy feet and ankles looked like they could burst out of my shoes at any moment. Usually when I am retaining water I can expect a gain on the scale but not this week!

I was pleasantly surprised that the scale showed a loss of 2.4 pounds for this week (1.1 kilo). YAY! That brings my total weight loss as of today to 62.26 pounds (28.30 kilos) and I’m currently weighing in at 238.92. I’m still not losing ‘new’ pounds yet as my highest weight loss was at one time 66 pounds but I’m very close to being there. I will be thrilled when I can finally lose some “new” weight.

I credit this week’s loss to a few things.

1) I’ve been repeating a key phrase in my head every time I reach for food. I just say to myself “every calorie does count”. It may seem silly but it really works for me. For a while there I was taking one small ____ or a little bit of _____ and justifying it by saying that it’s such a small quantity that it doesn’t really matter. But when you add all of those little bits and pieces up throughout the day they do matter and I have to stop myself from that way of thinking. Especially because once I start doing a little here and a little there it’s so very easy to snowball into old habits of a lot here and even more there. Saying “every calorie does count” makes me stop and actually think about my actions. It also makes me do a quick mental count of what I’ve had that day and see where this new food I’m reaching for fits in and when I ate last. It also makes me take notice if I’m eating from boredom or habit rather than hunger.

2) The Biggest Loser series. It really has kept me motivated at the gym but I think what gets me most though is that very first part of the show when they all weigh in officially for the first time. All of the contestants seem just absolutely flabbergasted at their weights, some even cry, but the worst (or best) part for me is that almost all of those people start off weighing LESS that I do right this very moment! So even before their journey’s begin, they’re lighter on their feet than I am. The fact that they see losses of 10, 15 and 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks has brought new perspective to my weight loss. I believe I’ve been too easy on myself recently (meaning the last 4 months). Not that this is easy and NOT that I am expecting a 5 pound loss in a week but I have let the little gains here and there become okay in my mind a little too often. I need to be less OK with the one pound gain 2 weeks in a row than I am. I am still a very large woman and it shouldn’t be commonplace for me to gain or stagnate as often as I do. I’m going to try to stay as real as possible though. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional “things” in my life. I probably won’t lose every week but I’m hoping a little voice in my head nags the hell out of me when I do, to make sure that it’s not just a slacker attitude that’s stopping the pounds from falling off.

So yay for this weeks loss and here’s to hoping the next few weeks will bring me back up to -66 and beyond!


Lynn said...

That's an awesome loss! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl!!! :)

Livy said...

Good on you. 1.1kg is a good number. That is awesome. I love your little pep talk about every calorie counts, it's a great idea. I have a set diet I have to stick to, and I just KNOW that I can't eat anything 'outside the lines' like colouring in as a kid. When I start to get hungry between meals, I organize another job that has to be done beforehand so I can keep busy until then.
I loved the biggest loser too, great show. But it would be much easier with the support they have than how we are doing it.

*ccc* said...

yay yay yay! Good for you!!!

And oh my...did I need to read what you wrote today. I'm another one of those "a bite here, a bite there" people. I kept telling myself they don't count because "You don't eat your exercise points and you're working out so..." Riiight.

Keep rocking it girl, keep rocking it.

Lissa said...

Way to go! I'm so happy for you. sounds like your getting back on track. Im doing pretty good. I havent gained anything in the first 13 weeks, so im pretty happy about that, but ill be excited when i can report some more losses later in life. I never got under 200 like i wanted, but i did get to 204, so not too bad! Love you and im so proud of you!