Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution

I've seen a few bloggers using "DDR" as exercise and of course it piqued my curiosity. It sounds like a fun way to get exercise without having to really leave the confinement of your own warm snuggly home. As you've read many-a-times, I'm a big fan of the free dance and often turn on my favorite tunes and dance around my house so this could be something right up my alley.

I know nothing about this game but am extremely interested in learning more. If any of you have any fun DDR stories please post them here.


Teale said...

It is definately a good workout! Unfortunately I live in an apartment with very thin ceilings/floors, and my downstairs neighbors would probably think their ceiling was caving in if I was jumping about & dancing above them!

Christine said...

I have not played the same personally, but have watched alot of people have a great time!!

Angela said...

My friends LOVE this. Do it!!

The Pound Slayer said...

Oh... you.... HAVE to try DDR!

What console do you have? If you have an Xbox 360 we could play DDR together online via Xbox Live. They have co-operative modes and vs. modes I do believe.

It is such a good workout for me. Especially now that I am playing some of the higher levels. You really have to MOVE to play this game. Great winter activity.

Monica said...

Since you have to buy a game system, plus the game, plus some kind of mat to play it with, I recommend you go to an arcade and try it out first. It is REALLY fun, but make sure it's your thing, as it's probably a 200-300$ investment if you don't already have a game system.