Saturday, October 27, 2007

Skippin with Sarah

It's been a while since I've disgraced myself with one of my poems-a-la-Sarah. I believe the Ode To My Kneecaps was the last. Since taking up jump rope once again I thought it was a perfect time to write myself a little weight inspired jump rope song. I tried to keep the pattern of the songs I used to sing as a kid while skipping rope and I think it'll work. I'll call it "Skipping with Sarah".

Een, twee, drie
Let's burn a calorie

I'm hoppin like a bunny
And I'm sure I'm looking funny

Come and jump along with me
We know that exercise is key

skiping rope is so fun
when you don't like to run

I like jumpin rope
and there's no time to mope

We'll get our hearts a pumpin
with our ropes we're a jumpin

and now our song will end
and we'll do it all again!

I have no shame. :o)

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