Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What a stupendous week this is turning out to be!

And it's only Tuesday! I have been sick for the past week or so with the final crescendo of grossness happening Sunday and Monday. It's been a bit of the stomach and intestinal (sorry for the TMI) flu and boy what fun I've been having. Me and my 'water closet' got to know a lot of each other. So why is this such a stupendous week you ask? Well I'll tell ya!

I am down another 1.32 pounds this morning and I have reached a 70 pound mark!!!! 70.40 pounds to be exact (32 kilos). I cannot freaking believe that I have successfully lost 70 pounds!!!! I am more than elated. I am beyond thrilled. I am sincerely overjoyed. I am amazed. I am blissful. I am every-other-synonym-for-the-phrase-"wooohoooooo"-dotted-with-quadruple-exclamation-points that is out there and known to man. I used to be a 301 pound woman an now I am a mere 30 pounds away from weighing 200 pounds! WOOHOO!!!!

And THAT was just the start of my day. I got to work and checked my e mail to discover that Experience Life magazine will be quoting lil-ole-me in their January 2008 issue! The piece will be called "Focus on Fitness" about the fitness-weight loss connection. I spoke with a freelance writer, Gina DeMillo Wagner, for this article a while back and finally they've contacted me for some fact checking and such to get the final story done. It's just a little snippet from me but NEVER in a million years did I think I would ever be quoted in a magazine but even more so NEVER in a FITNESS MAGAZINE!!!! It's like I'm living in an alternate universe starring a healthier hotter me!

WOW! What a wonderful Tuesday! We're getting the Internet hooked up today (supposedly) so I'll be able to blog more frequently but really, after a day like today, what more is there to blog about?

I hope you all have a wonderful healthy week. Oh and one more thing.



Teale said...

Wow! What a huge milestone, that's fantastic! I'd love to see progress pictures!

(bills)clare said...

woohoo seventy pounds! i'm glad to see things moving in the right direction for you.

*ccc* said...


That is fantabulous!! Congratulations on reaching such a wonderful milestone. I hope you are celebrating by buying yourself a fabulous new outfit :)

And another big yay on the magazine quote...that is wonderful. Good for you!!!

Weight Watching Princess said...

That is so fantastic! I just found your page today, but it's a big inspiration. I added you to my links, hope you don't mind!

Dee said...

congratulations, that's fantastic!! You're doing great.

R.E. said...

Super! Many congratulations on such a big goal. I just hit 50 on Monday, and I've been floating all week. You must be flying.

Also, sending you an invitation to add your blog to Writing Healthy, a new top list for diet bloggers. My goal with Writing Healthy is to share motivation, healthy thoughts, and diet tips from bloggers across the web working on weight loss.


Continued good luck with healthy living!

Shannon said...

70 pds! Holy cow woman! That's awesome! I am so proud of you!

Now, for as much success with your internet provider tonight :-)