Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday's food

Breakfast: 2 coffee's w/ Splenda. 1 cup f/f vanilla yogurt with a small sliced up banana.

no morning snack today.

Lunch: a deliciously fabulous Thai curry stir fry packed with fresh veggies (and pineapple) made with beef. It had zucchini, cabbage, onion, mini-corn-on-the-cob things, a little leek and that's about it. I was glad to get in so many vegetables after yesterdays dismal veg intake. The dish did have noodles in it and I did eat a most of them but not all. One large diet pepsi to drink.

snack: an ice cream cone! YAY ok so not healthy but yummy none the less.

supper: 2 egg omelet with a teaspoon of cheese (it's like a cream cheese only not cream cheese) and one of my frozen yogurt snacks.

Water: 6 - 8oz cups so far (it's still a bit early I'm sure I'll drink more)

So I had plenty of low fat dairy once again. My vegetable intake was good. My fruit portions were great. My protein was good. My carbs weren't over the top so that's good. Not too much fat just some in the cheese, a little in the lunch (to cook the meat) and in the ice cream of course. Overall today was much better than yesterday. I got in 45 minutes of exercise so that means I've met two of the three workouts for my weekly goal so far.

It'll be interesting to see what happens on the scale Tuesday.

If anybody who uses Blogspot could please tell me why I have to go into HTML and manually put in paragraph breaks even though I type them in my text I would really apprecaiate it. Please explain in short dumbed down sentences. I is not smart with computers.

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Me said...

go to your dashboard, click settings, go to the formatting tab, change 'covert line breaks' to 'yes', save. Hopefully this will sort your problem,