Saturday, October 27, 2007

Food for the day.

Today I have eaten:

Breakfast - F/f vanilla Yogurt w/banana and 2 cups-o-joe w/Splenda. (adding a cap full of vanilla to your coffee grounds before pouring the water through is yummy. Subtle but noticeably different)

Lunch: Tuna salad, lettuce and cheese on a wheat roll that had seeds baked into it (sunflower and some other kind of cracked seed). One can of diet coke.

Snack: Some fruit and frozen yogurt cup thing that I am addicted to. It's got bits of pineapple and raspberries on top of a little cup of frozen yogurt. It's sweet and sour and oh so delicious. It's about 80-100 calories.

Supper: This is going to sound totally stupid but I have no idea what this thing was that I ate. It's a Turkish food. There's a big Turkish population in the Netherlands so I end up trying new things lots of times and have no clue what they're called and of course there is no English equivalent. This was a sort of flat bread with a tomato and pepper paste smeared over it. It's got some sort of hot spice on it (sambal I'm assuming) and I think it's meatless. I baked it in the oven and as always it was tasty and filling. The only thing I can compare it to is a cheese-less slice of pizza.

Snack - another frozen yogurt cup.

This is a typical menu for me on the weekends. Of course the foods are switched up, sometimes I'll have a salad or we'll go out for dinner but over all this is how my weekends go for the most part.

I'm taking a look at it all my weekend diet is still lacking some essentials... like veggies for instance. Other then some lettuce on my salad I didn't have one single vegetable today. Well the tomato pepper spread on the flat bread is a veg I guess but there was less than a tablespoonful on there so not even a full portion of veg. Not good.

Other than tuna (and it wasn't a full portion of tuna) I didn't have any protein (with the exception of protein that may be found in the unidentified seeds and flat bread thing). Not good.

I did get in my dairy with the yogurt, cheese and frozen snack. Yay me!

I got in some fruit with the banana and fruit bits on my frozen snack, although they don't add up to a portion. Okay.

I got my carbs with the roll and flat bread. Ugh.

I got fat with the mayo in the tuna salad (although it was quite dry) and seeds. ACK!

How can I miss out on veggies but be sure to get in my fats and carbs? How can I be short on fruit? I like fruit! Why am I not eating more of it? Protein is supposed to make you feel fuller longer and you should try to eat some at every meal. I hardly had any protein all day long. I am all for eating low calorie but I also believe your calories should come from nutrient packed foods. I'm hardly eating anything nutrient packed on the weekends.

Journaling my food has really been an eye opener. I'm going to have to make a better effort for healthier weekend eating.

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