Friday, October 19, 2007

Miracles CAN happen!

FINALLY! After what seems like weeks... oh wait, it has been weeks...we finally have internet, telephone and TV connection once again! YAY!!!! So here I am sitting with the phone cradled in my neck, pc at my fingertips and remote control on my lap. I'm petting them. Yep. I'm petting them all. Oh how I've missed you my little electronic friends! I think the remote is actually purring... oh wait no... that's me.
All joking aside, I'm really looking forward to getting back to my regular blogging. Nothing earth shattering has happened since I've last posted but trying to sneak in some blogging between my lunch hour (or 3/4 of an hour) is hard to do.
I've been doing pretty well food-wise recently. It's fairly chilly in the Netherlands right now so it's great weather for homemade veggie soup. YUMMY. I've already made two huge batches in the past few weeks and let me tell ya, mmm mmm mmm Campbell's doesn't have anything on my sveggie soup. I don't follow a recipe so it's different every time but every time it's really really tasty. I cut up all of my favorite soup stuff, throw it in a big wok (I don't have a soup pot so this is my closest alternative) add some beef or chicken stock and simmer forever. A pinch of Tony's cajun seasoning is what makes it really kick though. My first batch this winter contained a new and interesting veggie for me. I was at the market and my friend told me to get one of these long-green onion-on-steroids-looking-things, promising me it was edible and good. She didn't know the English word for them (she's Greek) but in Dutch they are prei. I took her advice, brought the new veg and chopped it up for the soup. Low and behold she was right. It was yummy in the soup. Come to find out a prei is a leek in English. Who knew? Well probably lots of healthy people knew but I honestly had no idea. I don't think I've ever eaten a leek before but I'll not be passing them up in the grocery any more.
I'm TOTALLY excited that I'm a mere 5 pounds away from earning my 75 pound shoes. And just in time for winter. I'm thinking a pair of knee high black leather boots would look stunning on my new thinner stems. This week is going to be tricky though as it's that TOM again. I feel swollen and bloated but hopefully that'll be gone by Tuesday's weigh in. It's amazing that your body can retain so much fluid but I've seen it happen month after month where my weight will fluctuate 3 to 5 pounds due to water retention. I've been cutting back on my soda (I don't really eat that much salt) and increasing my water this week to try to stave off the bloat as much as possible. Being so close to a mini goal always makes me feel a bit rushed or anxious but I just have to keep telling myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
My exercise regime is still in the crapper. There is really no good excuse. I just cannot get myself up and moving when it's so dark out in the morning and black by 7:30pm. I have talked it over with Marco and he says he'd be willing to take up some dance classes with me if they aren't too god awful expensive so I'm going to start looking into those today. YAY! I'm still hoping for that DDR to show up on my doorstep but no sign of it yet. Christmas is coming though, maybe Santa will read my blog and it'll end up under the tree. Either way I have to find a way to get my butt in gear once again. I hate the way I feel when I don't work out and the only way to change that is to work out. Vicious circle.
In other non-weight news... we've recently had some hopeful news regarding our infertility so I would really appreciate it if you guys could keep us in your thoughts and prayers if you're the thinking and praying type. It's much appreciated.
Have a great weekend all!


*ccc* said...

Welcome back to the technological age :) We missed you :)

Good luck with your WI this week--I'm sure you'll do fabulously well. You have some time to get rid of that bloat before you WI so focus on that.

And lots of positive thougths and prayers re: your hopeful news. I hope the news just keeps getting better for you guys. big hugs!

Nisha said...

Good luck this week!
FWIW my legs are holding at least 5 lbs of fluid at this point and I have been told that the following is supposed to help with water retention (whether or not any of it works I have no clue, but the doctor is the one that told me) Lemon in your water, plenty of water, watermelon and asparagus.

GeorgieGirl said...

It's great to see you back in full bloggie mode!

Like nisha said, I heard lemons help. I've been retaining too much water, so I stocked up on the lemons. I might try to locate a watermelon and some asparagus. I think it's worth a shot for sure!

The DDR is on my Christmas list too! I've let everyone I know it's on my list so hopefully it will be under your tree as well as under mine.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...

Lauren said...

I am definitely the thinking and praying type. Good luck with your weigh in. I maintained this week. a good indoor exercise program is Yourself Fitness for your pc (or any other game console youmight have) it's cool

Chubby Chick said...

Yippee! I'm SO glad you have internet again!

Good luck with your weigh in. The 75 lb. mark is just around the corner for you! That is absolutely fantastic!

Teale said...

LOL I love your description of the leek 'green onion on steroids'. When I read that, I thought hmm.... that sounds like a leek! Not that I've ever had one, but glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm also glad to hear you're back online, I've missed your blogging!

Salsera Gringuita said...

Hi Sarah! I saw in your post you're looking for DDR... may I also recommend Hip Hop Abs? It's a totally fun dance video thing that will get you WORKING. It's from Beachbody, but you can find them on Ebay. Anyway, I just got them and love them! The guy who leads them (Shaun T) is hysterical, and the music is fun. They're perfect for a rainy/cold/dark day when you don't feel like dragging your tooty outside.

Keeping you & Marco in my thoughts re the fertility news. Fingers crossed for good news!