Saturday, March 22, 2008

Busy Bee's!

We woke up this morning to the sun pouring into our room. Perfect! It was barely 8 o'clock but we had a lot of stuff we wanted to do today so sun was exactly what we needed. Since then it has rained, became sunny again, snowed, been sunny and it's now sleeting. Oh wait a minute, there's the sun again. Of course each time the weather takes a turn for the worse I seem to be outside with Scooter nowhere near our house. Oh the beautiful unpredictable weather of the Netherlands.

We did manage to get a ton of stuff done though! We bought a dresser/changing table and a closet for Sadie's room and put it all together (okay so Marco put it together while I took a bath). We also bought a blind for her room and installed it (okay so Marco installed it while I played with the dog... I'm sensing a pattern here). We went shopping and got her some new pj's, a diaper changing pad with super cute cover and some hangers for her new closet. All of her current wardrobe has been washed and dried and is hanging or folded in it's proper place according to size. Now all we have to do is wait...until July...the end of July... for her arrival! Okay so we like to be prepared... isn't that an oath of some do-gooders group, to be prepared? Well just consider us good-doers too!

We still are waiting for the crib to be delivered. It should arrive in late April/early May sometime so there is plenty of time still for that. Alexandra, my friend who is helping decorate/paint is going to be comin round the mountain in the next couple of weeks to get a jump on the little mural. Again, we have plenty of time.

Speaking of time, it seems to be ticking by uber slow, doesn't it? Maybe it's just me since we have so much we're looking forward to in the near future. We are halfway through March though so I guess it's going quicker than it feels.

I also finally received my package! My maternity shirts arrived and alas, they are not the correct size. So now I've ordered maternity pants from one place that ended up too big and now I have maternity shirts from another place that are too small. Well actually the shirts aren't too small right now, they actually fit really nicely but I was buying them for later in the pregnancy when my belly is bigger. Oh the horror of ordering online! There is no way in hell I'm going to pay to return them to the US and have them ship more though. We already had to pay an extra 24 euros custom tax once. I'll just have to deal with it.

I forgot to mention that at my last appointment with the midwife they listened to the heartbeat, which is always nice to hear and they measured my belly. Apparently my uterus is measuring on the large side. I'm not surprised because the due date they are using is off by about 3 or 4 days from what I calculate it at. Granted I am not the 'expert' but I am not totally ignorant to these things either. They continue to use the date of my last period to calculate my due date even though I know the day I ovulated. The ovulation date is a more accurate way to calculate your due date. Considering the baby also measures in sync with my ovulation due date you would think the midwife would just use that date but she refuses. Whatever, no matter when I think this baby is going to be born she will come when she's ready. But the large measurement didn't take me by surprise.

This week I am feeling quite a few new things. Sadie is much more active now and I feel here on a daily basis usually multiple times a day. Her tickles are becoming stronger and are now more like taps. I have had some cramping in my lower abdomen and oddly enough, down my inner thighs. They feel like just like my menstrual cramps usually do and are in the same places I get cramps. Don't know what's causing that, hormones I assume. I also feel a bunch of pulling and what I can only guess is stretching in my belly. It also just feels heavy. I don't know how else to explain it but my belly feels heavy when I stand up, like I want to reach down and hold it. Maybe this is why pregnant women tend to always be touching or rubbing their round little tummies. I thought it was out of affection for the baby but now I think it's because they're afraid they're going to drop them!

I'm back to peeing 3 or 4 times a night now and I can definitely feel when she is laying oh-so-comfy on my bladder. Even right after I pee I still feel like I have to pee again. Numerous times I have scurried to the bathroom about to bust to sit down and have just a little dribble come out. I realize this will only get worse as I get further along. I may invest in some adult diapers just to be on the safe side.

So that's about all there is to report for now. Here is a link to some before/during and after pics of the nursery so far. The red and blue bed is just a portable bed that we're taking to Marco's parent's house once the real crib arrives. The crib will be white like the other furniture (well I hope, the furniture is coming from two different places so hopefully we don't end up with two different shades of white)(I guess worse things could happen though)(like the ultra sound could have been wrong and we're having a boy)(which wouldn't really be bad but it would be a shock)(and dressing poor little Ty in all of Sadie's nice pink clothing will probably be humiliating when we show pictures to his future girlfriends)(unless of course dressing him like a girl will cause him to become gay or a drag queen or both in which then the pictures would be cute)(but of course I don't believe how you dress a child has any influence on if they will be gay or not)(and we would love Sadie or Ty even if they did play for the other team!)(but here's to hoping the ultra sound was right)(or that lady has some splaining to do!).

Have a great weekend everybody and have a fun Easter holiday!

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Kate said...

It's so nice to see Marco looking excited and happy!!!! Yay for babies! :)