Sunday, March 09, 2008

Decisions, decisions.

So now that it's sunk in that we're having a daughter the planning begins. Silly me, I thought I already had everything all worked out. We would do a baby animal theme, keeping the sky blue walls the same color regardless of the gender of the baby. Sounds great right? Right...except...well...I've made a huge mistake by looking at other nurseries online. And nurseries in stores. And nurseries on rate-my-space. How in the world is one supposed to choose?

Oh yeah, animals are cute, I do love the art I found but awwww.... look at the ladybug room... it's so cute...oh and look at how clean and tidy just a few horizontal stripes of color works... beautiful... oh and I love the little monkey's in the jungle themed nursery... how adorable! And what about the whole baby dream I had converted into an idea for a baby blowing bubbles on the wall? It was/is simple, clean, unique, meaningful...all those things. So why not go with that? I have no idea. My mind is swimming with creativity and I'm having a terrible tie trying to narow it down.

I guess the bottom line is, Sadie's not really going to realize/know/care if she has a vine of monkey's on her wall or if there are lady bugs on her sheets that match the curtains. I'm sure having a diaper blowout on a sheet covered in little cows and pigs will be equally as satisfying as making a mess out of sheets with fairy princesses on them. All of this planning, fretting, painting, brainstorming for the perfect nursery is totally about me and Marco. Most parents I know change the nursery around by time the kid is 2 or 3 because "they're so much more grown up now and need a big boy or girl room".

So it's time to make some decisions. All along I've said I wanted something that isn't too busy. I don't want something that it too 'matchy' (like the aforementioned matching lady bug sheets, curtains, blankets, get the idea). I want something that isn't too baby-ish that Sadie can actually grow into because 2 or 3 years down the road I don't want to have to do this all over again. Well that's a lie, I love doing this! But anyway...

Secretly (well it's not a secret now) I want to paint the entire room pink. Baby pink. Sweet pink. Pink like a piglet. Pink that makes you think of soft baby skin and pinchable chubby cheeks. Pink with pink trim and pink blankets and pink little pigs and pink pink pink pink pink. Marco, on the other hand, wants to stick with the blue like we've said we'd do all along. Ugh. I guess that makes sense. Dammit.

Marco has also said he'd like to have a mural of sorts on the wall. He showed me a picture of one that he was thinking about which I immediately vetoed. In fact I wanted to veto the entire idea of a mural. I just never think they turn out to look as good as you'd hoped they would. Today in the bath I was thinking again about his suggestion and decided maybe a mural would work. Just a little white picket fence with some grass and flowers peeking out. Maybe a big tree in the corner with a nest of baby birds. Maybe a sun, maybe some clouds... ahhh wait... this is all coming back to me now... this is what I wanted to do in the first place. I even have my little sketches somewhere. And the animal art I (we) love would fit right in. Yeah.. some white and iridescent paint mixed together to make some cartoon-y happy clouds (geesh, that's very Bob Ross isn't it?), a little smiley sun, perky colorful flowers and those cute-as-all-get-out animals. Yeah... that sounds nice.

I'm going to go run the idea past Marco! If this is indeed our "theme" then Alexandra has her work cut out for her!


Lissa said...

Hey I know what you are going through, with Brenna I painted all her walls yellow and decided to go with ducks no matter boy or girl...but ended up with butterflys, lady bugs, flowers etc. very cute! And with Hallie I painted to walls dark bubble gum pink and two walls mint green, and did a bubble gum layout from jc penny's you can see it online if you want. But let me give you a piece of advise that i quickly learned with my yellow paint with Brenna....BRIGHT COLORS SUCK AT 6 AM! As soon as the sun hits them, baby is up! So I think we ended up buying some special blinds or something. Good luck and happy hunting! Love ya! Lissa

Anonymous said...

I saw a cloud wall mural with the clouds shaped like baby ducks, teddy bears and other animals. I just thought that would be restful and you might be able to use the wall color that's already there.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having a little girl, it'll be so fun to buy her outfits and decorate for her arrival!