Saturday, March 29, 2008

Open mic night

We went to open mic night and it was interesting. The ABC Treehouse, where it was held, is an extremely small venue (not that I expected an arena or anything). When I say extremely small I mean there was maybe 15 chairs set up for spectators and that was crowded. Because of the odd narrowness of buildings here it isn't exactly easy to set something like this up I'm imagining. They did the best they could with what they have. We took a table in the back, got our drinks and settled in. The first hour was dedicated to random people and the last hour was held for one singer/guitar player from Texas to perform.

Most of the people who were participating in the first hour were musicians. I have a feeling that this is how it usually goes. I think there were 3 singer/guitar players and one singer/piano player. Two poets read their original works. One poet read in Dutch and the other was what I always pictured in my head at poetry readings.

Let me preface this by saying poetry is not my forte. I'm not an artsy-fartsy type of person I don't think. I have written some poems, yes, but that doesn't mean I know anything about the actual act of poetry.

This woman was so into what she was reading, from the exaggerated jerky movements and flailing of her arms, to the alien-like head toss as she flipped her hair out of her face, that it made me giggle on the inside uncomfortably. She was a bit " adult ADD on acid" for me. Not that that's a bad thing! You see it all the time on TV so surely some people must "get it". I just happen to not be one of those people. Her movements, to me, took away from what she was actually saying. Not that she should have stood like a statue but I was so concentrated on her movement that I couldn't be bothered listening to the words. '

I've really been going back on forth if I should sign myself up for next month. Mostly I just don't know what I would read. I guess I could go as a story teller and read some of my blog entries. I could read some of the poems and writings I have done regarding infertility but I don't know. Those pieces are just so...gee...I don't even know...they're so real to me but maybe a bit abstract for the general audience. They're a bit raw and I just don't think people who haven't experienced IF would "get" it. The crowd was quite diverse in age, ethnicity, etc. so maybe some people would at least appreciate it but I just don't know. I feel a little bit protective over those things I've done. And it's not like they're uplifting pieces or anything. but then again if I didn't write them to be read and shared with others then why write them at all. I'm just very torn.

I'll keep you all posted on what I decide. Any words of wisdom, nuggets of your personal feelings or encouragement here is much appreciated!

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