Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Magic number 11.

I have always liked the number 11 for many reasons. Here are a few
  • at 11:11 you get to make a wish.
  • 11 means I got the first donut out of the dozen
  • 11 is two number 1's so it means your a double winner
  • 11 is the month of November which holds my favorite holiday
  • 11 is the number of grandchildren my parents currently have

Okay okay so I really don't like the number 11 that well but I had no other ideas on an intro for the following:

11 more hours until our big 20 week ultra sound & finally knowing is this is a little boy baby AA or a girl baby AA!

Yeah, I'm soooo not going to sleep tonight.


Teale said...

Oooh, how exciting for you!!

Amy said...

11 is our wedding date and our baby's bdate...so it is a great number!

I can't wait to hear!!!