Friday, March 21, 2008

Customer Service here SUCKS!

So my package was delivered yesterday but we weren't home to receive it because they deliver during working hours only. Fine. They left a note in the mailbox that today they would try to redeliver it again between 9 and 1 today. Fine. I am off today so I'll just sit home and wait for the package. I have nothing better to do.

Between the hours of 9 and 1 we had sunshine here which was wonderful because it's been pouring for days now. Unfortunately I had to wait for my package so I couldn't walk the dog quite yet.

1 o├žlock comes and goes, no package. I call the customer service line to inquire about it. Keep in mind that customer service lines here are NOT toll free, they cost you 35 cents a minute.

"Hi, I was supposed to have a package delivered today between 9 and 1 and it didn't arrive."

"It's just 1 now."

"Yes, it was supposed to be here between 9 and 1, it's now 1 and the package never arrived."

"Well sometimes there can be delays."

"Can you check where the driver is on his/her route to give me a better idea of how long the delay is?"

"No. You have to wait until after 3 because there can be delays."

"Well I realize there can be delays but I've already been waiting for 4 hours at home. You have no way to see where the driver is or what is causing the delay?"

"No. You'll have to call back after 3."


Well thanks for letting me waste 35 cents a minute for THAT bullshit! And what kind of customer service knowingly says "I realize you've waited 4 hours already but now we want you to wait 2 more before we'll actually bother to think about helping you." No appology, no nothing! Yes I realize things can happen but I find it EXTREMELY difficult to believe you have no way of contact the people that deliver packages for your service.

By the way if your whole business is revolving around delivering packages and you can't do THAT right then maybe you should think about getting into a new business?

Oh and last time this happend they said "we'll deliver your package between 12 and 5". I walked the dog at 11 to be home on time to wait for the package and when I got back at 11:30 had a note in the mailbox saying "we were here at 11: 15 but nobody was home." Well no shit dickheads! You said you wouldn't be here until 12!

So now I went out and walked the dog in the rain, snow and sleet and I'm soaking wet and pissed beyond belief. It's 2 and still no package. Thank God I had nothing else to do all day right?

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Kate said...

That sucks that you have to PAY to call them! At least back here in America, you get to talk to idiots for free! LOL