Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Moving" right along!

Let's set the mood and the scene...

It's a windy leap year evening about 10 o'clock. The two tuckered out soon-to-be parents take the overly energetic puppy out for one last evening sniff about the neighborhood before turning in. They brush their teeth and visit the WC one last time before climbing under the covers for a much needed sleep. The disappointed Corgi drops his toy when he realizes it's night-night time and retires to his place under the bed. It's just a little snuggle and a quick kiss before Marco is snoring away.

I need some time to "reflect" before I'm sawing logs. Thinking has always been my nemesis when trying to sleep. Last night was another one of those nights. My head was filled with thoughts of the baby, the upcoming ultra sound, if it's a boy or a girl... just every day thoughts really.

I always lay on my back with my hand on my belly for a little while before I roll over to sleep *hoping* I will feel something. I'm in my 20th week so it should be happening any time. It's like a little bonding time for me and the pumpkin too.

As I was laying, thoughts of mini-me sprinting through my head I felt a little tickle. I tried to scratch it away when I realized it wasn't a tickle I could touch from the outside. It was coming from within! It was like somebody was running their finger (maybe a baby sized elbow, foot or hand) right below my belly button like they were trying to scratch an itch. Do you remember the little flip you get in your belly the first time you kiss somebody that you really really like? That's what this tickle felt like. Like your first kiss. Like the first time you're in love. You know, the little butterfly flip. I touched right where the tickle was coming from and my belly was really hard right there whereas it usually feels harder lower down in my tummy. It was little baby AA!

When it happened the second time (I was finally convinced this wasn't just gas) I woke Marco up from his sleep to let him know I felt the baby. We'd been anticipating this moment for weeks. He groggily acknowledged that he understood what I was talking about. I pushed a little on my belly hoping to let the baby know "it's your Mommy and I know you're in there! I can feel you" and tears filled my eyes. It's really my baby in there.

It only lasted for a few minutes off and on but it was wonderful! Marco woke up a little more fully to rest his hand on my belly to see if he could feel anything. It's still a bit too early for that though.

I fell asleep with our hands on my belly, on our baby, letting them know that we're here. It was one of the most beautiful moments we've shared.

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Lissa said...

Thats awesome...even though, I dont miss my baby belly...I do miss the baby in my belly. Weird huh? Love ya! Lissa!