Monday, January 19, 2009

blog needs an overhaul

I realize that many of my links to other weight loss blogs on the right hand side are now either no longer blogging or they have gone private. I will try and update them soon, maybe tomorrow on my lunch break.

In the meantime, if you are also a weight loss blogger and would like to be added (or taken off) my blog roll please let me know. Oh and if you just blog about any random old thing I can add you to the "good reads" section.

I also want to really spruce up my "Goal" section and really define, in no uncertain terms, what my goal is and the steps I plan on taking to achieve it. I want to also try to figure out how to add some pictures. Surely it can't be too hard, right? Basically I want my blog to look a heck of a lot more interesting. Since I'm kind of on a new weight loss journey after having Sadie (p.s. did you see how big she is in her new pictures on her blog? Gigantor for a 5 month old. So stinking tall. She's so damned cute though.) I thought maybe my blog should have a make over of it's own. So if you show up and everything looks totally different don't think you're in the wrong place! If you show up and I've managed to screw the whole thing up check back in a couple days and I'll try to get it fixed!


Shannon said...

Hi! I've linked to you ages ago, and would be delighted if you'd link to me -

All the best as you work on your weight loss! (and I will try to stop being a lurker and post more!)

Metroknow said...

I've been a long time RSS subscriber, and I'm glad to see you're not falling by the wayside as so many of us seem to be. I've been away from my blog for the last couple of months for a lot of personal reasons, but life is finally settling a bit (fingers crossed). I'd love to exchange links if you are interested - I'm at

Teale said...

I'd love to be added!