Saturday, January 24, 2009

breakfast -
They were out of oatmeal at the store (yes, very unlike the US which has 100 different varities, here I have one choice, plain old oats, and they were out of it) so I have cream of wheat. The portion I make for breakfast with 0% fat milk and brown sgar is around 220 calories.
2 cups of joe with 1tsp cream and sugar ( U wanted the real deal this morning, not splenda.)

no snack as we were running around and I wasn't hungry.
Water and crystal light

Lunch - Took place at a restaurant here called La Place, that's fancy speak for "the place"
I almost chose a fresh baked pizza but went with a Greek Salad with lettuce (iceburg, strange for a greek salad I thought), tomato, black olives, feta, cucumber and I think an oil and vinegar dressing instead. Unlike the US you really don't ever go into a restaurant and ask them to "hold the _______". Ya just don't, especially at this place because the salads are made up ahead of time you just walk past and pick one. So asking for a new salad with dressing on the side was not doable. It came with a slice of sun dried tomato and olive bread. I also split a crossaint stick thingy with little chocolate chips in it with Marco.

more water

I wish I would have blogged my lunch before I made my supper because then I would have realized I already had cheese today and I would have skipped it with supper. Anyway I had...
2 egg sandwiches on whole wheat toast with one slice of cheese split between the two.

And that's that.

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