Thursday, January 22, 2009

very quickly - short on time

oatmeal as usual
coffee as usual

hot lamb meat sandwich with cucumbers and lettuce and lots of hot sauce on a white roll. Delicious!

16 red hots (about 55 calories)
coffee with steamed milk and sugar (1 tsp)

Chili verde YUMMY! It's got a challenging blend of Garbanzo beans, succulent pork and lots of avocado. Yes, that came straight from the package! It's also got red and green peppers, onion and some flakes of some sort. It's seriously delicious. And it's only 315 calories per bowl.
2 pieces of whole grain bread with reduced fat butter.

Thanks for all of the wonderful support and advice regarding Sadie. Believe me I'm taking it all in and am going to use every bit of info I can to help especially the feeding more during the day. She won't take a bottle a lot of time but I bet she'll love to have more real foodies! We already put her to bed the moment she seems tired but it's between 6 and 7 usually. Keep those suggestions coming though guys!

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