Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food log day #2

coffee with splenda and tsp creamer
oatmeal, once again made with water as I forgot milk at the store.. again.

3 (8 oz) glasses crystal light (its actually one huge glass but it equals to 3 'glasses')

Let me preface lunch by saying I didn't have anything in particular in mind to eat, although we JUST went grocery shopping last night, so my sandwich isn't a norm, although it was tasty. Plus it was raining outside so I wasn't about to drag the baby out just to have some chicken slices.

Ones slice low fat old cheese (Dutch have two kinds of cheeses, old and young, this one is an old cheese which is similar to a parmesean), 3 pieces of sun dried tomatoes and 1tsp red pepper pesto (YUM) on whole grain bread. Yeah, not your normal sandwich I realize
1/2 green bell pepper slices
20 green seedless grapes
3 (8oz) glasses of water

orange snack bar - 99 calories
2 glasses crystal light
1 glass water

4 oz chicken breast, baked, no oil used
1 cup spanish rice (which when I was measuring it out as a "serving" actually was huge)
1 serving green beans
2 glasses water

1 glass diet coke
1 glass water

Do you know what my favorite part of logging my food is? It makes me so much more aware of what I am doing. For lunch I immediately grabbed 4 slices of bread to make two sandwiches and actually stopped and thought about portion size and portion control. I also thought, "do I really want to write this in my blog?" and put the other two slices of bread back. I ate lunch and was satisfied with it. I didn't need the second sandwich.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow to log the rest of my day and any exercise I manage to sneak in today.

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