Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food log day #3 - Protien

Okay so another benifit of not only mentally but physically logging myfood intake is that I can see what food groups I'm getting enough of and what I need more of. Veg for example needs to appear more often, which, in my defense, actually does appear more frequenty through the week.

Do you ever have people push protein on you? "Oh eat a handful of ____ (insert nut) and that'll get you some protien which will help you not feel as hungry as soon." Or "you should add some protein to your breakfast so you don't get hunry as quickly". Firstly, I'm not a huge nut fan so eating a handful of them when I can be eating something I actually like, stinks, but I've tried it. Secondly, I hate to argue with the "experts" but protein doesn't have this magic "you're not hungry" effect on me. A handful (16 or so) almonds doesn't feel like I've eaten anything and it sure doesn't hold me off for an hour or two. I do like peanut butter but the high calories just don't pay off for me, plus I really like the jelly or honey with it the best... not good.

Also, there are a couple things which every dieting or weight losing American seems to be eating which I cannot find here in Holland: string cheese, 100 calorie snack packs (which I could obviously create on my own by simply throwing 100 calories worth of whatever I wanted in baggie. Voila!) and Trader Joe's anything. I think my life would be simplified if I had access to these things. Everybody seems to love string cheese with an apple for snack, or Trader Joe's ____ (you name it, they love it). And how great would it be to mindlessly be able to grab a bag of anything (popcorn, cookies, twinkies I even saw while home) with no effort and KNOW you aren't getting 400 calories by mistake.

Anyway... I have to make due with what I have which is okay.

So here is what I'm sticking in my mouth today:

1/2 cup dry oats mixed with water (oatmeal LOL)
coffee with splenda and 1 tsp creamer

4 (8oz) glases of crystal light (throughout the morning, not all at once)
18 white grapes
1 slice of cheese
1 orange fruit snack bar (99 calories)

Lunch (speaking of protien)
2 whole grain slices of toast with 3 (yeah, 3) eggs, bacon and cheese
1 diet pepsi

Holy guacamole I really didn't do well with lunch. Supper WILL be better, if I can even eat.

2 small slices of pizza (so it wasn't better but tomorrow is another day)

several glasses of water and crystal light, maybe 4.


Anonymous said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself with the lunch thing. Ok, so you ate a 700 calorie lunch (2 slices of bread - 200, 3 eggs - 300, bacon - 100, 1 slice cheese - 100). That's not too bad. If you're going to do a big meal, the middle of the day is the best time to do it. And you can easily fit it into whatever your calorie goal for the day is.

100 calorie snack packs are highly over-rated. I have yet to find one that was tasty enough to be worth the 100 calories or filling. They are essentially marketed at "dieters" who want to be able to eat mindlessly and not feel guilty about it. And if I want a treat, I would much rather have one homemade chocolate chip cookie than a bunch of not-very-tasty 100-calorie whatevers.

Since you don't like nuts why don't you find something you do like that's nutritious for snacks during the day. My two favorite are... one piece of cheese + a cup of frozen sweet cherries (cheese gives you the fat and protein to fill you up while the cherries give the volume and sort of feel like a dessert to me) OR sliced turkey (I have yet to have the urge to sit there an eat an entire pound of sliced turkey and it is pretty filling)

becklette said...

okay, i'll take the blame for harping on the magic of trader joe's... i can't help it though, it's our grocery store!

how do you feel about peanut butter and apple or peanut butter and carrots? they both add volume/fiber and sweetness. i find that it's actually FAT that keeps me from being hungry (i know, what are the odds) so pb or full-fat, good cheese and a fruit or veggie is my favorite. eat it slow and savor the deliciousness of the REAL thing.

and as for string cheese... most people don't mean the twisted up cheese with the little black seeds in it. they mean half-assed american "mozzarella" in a stick. which, i figure, to each his own. but i'd rather eat an ounce of fresh REAL mozzarella for that 80 calories because... it tastes good.