Tuesday, January 06, 2009


it sucks but I'm sick. I can't breathe, am nauseated and pooped out. I'm sure it's a combo of jetlag, lack of sleep and flu/cold. It sucks though. I was sent home from work today almost as soon as I walked in the door. Didn't really make sense to go but I always feel like I should "try" to go and see how I feel later. Ugh, sometimes I just need to realize I'm sick and that's it.

So I'll be back soon. Happy New Year to you all!


The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

So sorry. Call me if you need me to watch Sadie so you can sleep. Quint and I are sick clear (we got nasty colds while in Virginia).

Kirsten said...

You've got a great friend there. Take advantage of it and pull that duvet over your head! Get better soon..

Sonya said...

feel better soon!