Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last night at about 2 in the morning I had a fruit bar as my tumm was growling like mad so I'm not sure if that counts as today or yesterday but let's not split hairs over it.

Today I have had:
coffe w/ splenda and creamer
cream of wheat (which is NOT as filling as oatmeal by far)

snack - 18 green seedless grapes

A delicious toasted sandwich on an olive ciabatta with red pepper pesto, deli chicken, low fat mozarella and sun dried tomatoes. It was a little salty but still tasty.
5 doritos (yeah I had 5 LOL)
Cyrstal Light

Chicken Breast, baked
small potato "fries" - baked
Greek salad- cuckes, roma tomato, onion, feta, red bell pepper, romaine lettuce and a light sprinkling of basil oil and vinegar dressing. As the dutch say "Lekker!"

I'm not drinking enough on the weekends that's for sure. I could also eat fruit a little more consistantly. I don't know why I don't to be honest, I love just about every fruit out there. I would say I am going to try and eat less bread but if you've ever lived in the Netherlands you know it's impossible.

Sadie seems to be sleeping WORSE now that we've tried implimenting a (soft) schedule but it's only day 2 and we're not giving up.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful, healthy weekend!

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